Stolen Generations

WGAR News: Sharing Culture - Empowering Aboriginal people to heal and develop resilience to historical trauma

Newsletter date: 23 March 2014


* SNAICC News: Sharing Culture initiative online

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Hundreds more will suicide if we wait for 2015
* Background to Suicide and Self-harm in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

* SNAICC News: SNAICC congratulates Dala Yooro Children and Family Centre
* SNAICC News: The Training Team recently delivered 10 of these 2-day workshops across New South Wales
* SNAICC News: The children of Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community - The Boss of My Body!

WGAR News: NT gov't to further cut bilingual education: Emma Murphy & Peter Robson, Green Left

Newsletter date: 24 February 2014


* Emma Murphy & Peter Robson, Green Left: NT gov't to further cut bilingual education
* Jarvis Ryan: Bilingual education needs to be extended, not scrapped
* Alice Springs News: Indigenous education review: no more ‘biliteracy’; boarding for secondary students
* Background to the use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools (bilingual education)

* Padraic Gibson, The Guardian: Tony Abbott's cuts directly hurt Aboriginal children
* Clare Fester, Solidarity Online: Aboriginal grandmothers fight to stop new Stolen Generation

WGAR News: Stolen Generations test case dismissed: Greg Dyett with Ryan Emery, SBS Radionews

Newsletter date: 29 December 2013


* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: WA Supreme Court in an unbelievable decision dismisses Stolen Generations compensation claim
* Greg Dyett with Ryan Emery, SBS Radionews: Stolen Generations test case dismissed
* David Liddle, NITV News: The Royal Commission 'ignores members of the Stolen Generations'

* Marc Tong, SBS Living Black Radio: NT Specialist Doctor Resigns Over Mandatory Rehabilitation
* Greens Senator Rachel Siewert: Federal Government needs to engage on NT alcohol policies

WGAR News: Bid to reduce Indigenous child removal: Biwa Kwan, SBS Radionews

Newsletter date: 1 December 2013


* The Stringer: Stolen Generations continue
* Biwa Kwan, SBS Radionews: Bid to reduce Indigenous child removal
* Anna Patty, Canberra Times: New South Wales: Another stolen generation looms, warn protesters
* SNAICC News: Minister pledges his support for Aboriginal controlled services
* Background to 'Keeping Them Home': Campaign against Forced Aboriginal Adoption in the NT

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: South Australia drawing closer with Stolen Generations reparations


Queensland events: Ration Shed Tours + National Indigenous Health Conference: Many Pathways, One Outcome

Brisbane and Queensland Aboriginal rights events for your diary

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Event: Ongoing: Cherbourg Aboriginal community, S-E Qld
The Ration Shed Museum
"When our Elders were moved off the land and taken to
Cherbourg they were cut off from their traditional sources
of food and were given weekly rations of mainly flour,
sugar, tea, sago, rice, split peas and meat. The rations

WGAR News: Keeping them Home - What have we learnt from Bringing them Home?: ACM Sydney

Newsletter date: 23 May 2013


* Australian Times: NT Indigenous leaders challenge Chief Minister's adoption claims
* 'concerned Australians' & Respect and Listen: Keeping Them Home
* 'concerned Australians' & Respect and Listen: Letter from Djiniyini Gondarra to Adam Giles
* 'concerned Australians' & Respect and Listen: What Did We Learn from "Bringing Them Home"?
* ACM Sydney: Keeping them Home - What have we learnt from Bringing them Home?
* 'concerned Australians' Media Release: Keeping Them Home


WGAR News: Mornington (Victoria) Book Launch: 'A Decision to Discriminate'

Newsletter date: 11 April 2013


* Mornington (Victoria) Book Launch: A Decision to Discriminate - 12 April 2013
* Megan Graham, Crosslight: Stronger Futures or just stronger measures?
* Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre: Compulsory Income Management Unfairly Targets Young People
* Background to 'Stronger Futures' new NT Intervention laws
* Background to the Northern Territory (NT) Intervention

* Amy McQuire, Tracker: Pre-Election Interview: Nigel Scullion, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs