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On the 13th of October 2015, the ability to publish new stories and events on Indymedia Australia was turned off; there were various reasons behind this, but the lack of sufficient technical and editorial collaborators were among the most significant.

Rather than losing the sum of the stories that have been posted here since indymedia.org.au first came online in 2008, the site has been archived, both in its original, reconstitutable form, and as the static, HTML-only archive you are currently browsing; these archives were also created so that the articles, images and other resources can be incorporated into a similar project, should one arise in the future.

Please note that, as this site is a static, HTML-only archive, information such as article view-counts and relative dates (e.g. posted 3 days ago) — reflecting a snapshot of the site before it was archived — will now be incorrect.

While the contact form here is no longer functional, should you wish to contact what remains of the Indymedia Australia collective — particularly if you are part of another group who has both the desire and the resources to resurrect this project — you can reach us at aus-indymedia (at) riseup.net.

The remainder of this page is as it appeared when the site was archived.

Indymedia is a collective providing a platform for grassroots media-makers to create radical, accurate, and passionate coverage of struggles and movements working for social, environmental and economic justice. Everyone is a witness. Everyone is a journalist.

We rely on you to create the articles. Publish your article or event now!

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Don't hate the media, be the media!

Articles, except those published by trusted users, are put on a moderation queue. Articles that do not conform to our editorial policy are hidden.

Getting involved and meetings

To get involved you should generally come along to an Indymedia meeting nearest to you. Please use the contact form to find out when and where the next meeting is.

We are always looking for web developers, graphic designers, system administrators and people eager to learn. If you want to learn more about the technology behind aus indy (php, drupal, apache, debian/linux) feel free to email/join the list or jump on the #australia IRC channel @ http://chat.indymedia.org/ (there is usually someone around after 7pm EST)


We have yet to setup donation details. Please contact the collective to find out how.

RSS Feeds

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