GMAR - Grandmothers Against Removals

WGAR News: Filmmaker Fee Plumley's YouTube films of speeches at the Sorry Day Stolen Generation rally in Perth

Newsletter date: 30 May 2015


* Analysis / Opinion: Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: More children taken today than in Stolen Generations 1903-1970
* Bio: Gerry Georgatos - The Stringer
* About Us - The Stringer:

WGAR News: National Children's Commissioner cites racism as factor in child removal: SNAICC

Newsletter date: 21 April 2015


* News Analysis: SNAICC: National Children's Commissioner cites racism as factor in child removal [Featuring Megan Mitchell]
* Analysis / Opinion: Saffron Howden, SMH: Racism 'a factor' in child removal [Featuring Paddy Gibson]

* Upcoming Event: 6th SNAICC National Conference - 15-17 September 2015, Perth: For Our Children - Community Voices: Sharing Knowledge & Practice

WGAR News: Australia is committing genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world: Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 30 November 2014

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WGAR News - Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)


* Upcoming Event: STICS: Forum: Can our First Nations Peoples celebrate UN Human Rights Day? 9 December 2014