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WGAR News: Australia is committing genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world: Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union

Newsletter date: 30 November 2014

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TERRA NULLIUS - and yet another venting in response to an incredibly dense individual

SHILO HARRISON has written an impressive and well constructed article that should be read widely. The article signifies and identifies origins of thinking, inter generational premises, biases, prejudices and various attitudes and explains factual realities verse assumptions, and implications and imputations. Posted, by Gerry Georgatos.

Terra Nullius - and yet another venting in response to an incredibly dense individual
by Shilo Harrison on Friday, April 1, 2011 at 10:15am.New Terminology Does Not Make the Impossible Possible

Mabo Day - 3 June

Next weekend Australians will once again be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday with a public holiday. It is ironical a page in Australian history that occurs around the same time that is far more significant for Australians than the Queen’s Birthday will be largely ignored by Australians. On the 3rd June 1992 the Australian High Court found that indigenous Australians had rights to land in law because of their occupation of this continent before Captain James Cook in 1770 claimed Australia as property of the British Crown.