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Last updated: 13 April 2014

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WGAR News: Upcoming Aboriginal rights events around Australia - 67 events from 12 April 2014

Adelaide and South Australia events:

Adelaide events: Symposium: The Indigenous subject in international law + Justice and Peace Candle Light Walks + SNAICC Training Workshops will be held Nationally in 2014: 'Through Young Black Eyes' & 'Working and Walking Together'

Brisbane and Queensland events:

Brisbane events: Voice and Reason: Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) + Our Dreaming: animating country + 2014 Indigenous Women's Conference + 2014 Indigenous Men's Conference + 2014 World Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference + 2014 International Indigenous Health Conference + The Ration Shed Museum

WGAR News: Declarations of Independence advanced at Brisbane Treaty Talks: Sovereign Union (24 May 13)

WGAR News: 1st Brisbane Sovereignty & Land Rights Conference: Sovereign Union & Treaty Republic (5 Dec 12)

Canberra events:

Canberra events: People are Legends: Focusing on the literary works of Kevin Gilbert + CAEPR Seminar: Engaging effectively with Indigenous Australians: What does the research tell us? Presented by: Janet Hunt + Anzac Day 25 April 2014 - Invitation to Undeclared Frontier Wars Remembrance March + CAEPR Seminar: Indigenous Carers and Indicators for Social Inclusion + CAEPR Seminar: Meaningful learning, meaningful engagement, meaningful jobs + I’ve Been Working On The Railway + CAEPR Seminar: Fisheries co-management in the Torres Strait + CAEPR Seminar: Understanding and addressing racism against Indigenous Australians through the LEAD program + 2014 Students of Sustainability Conference "celebration, indigenous solidarity, delicious food, networking and camping" + Exhibition: On Country: Connect, Work, Celebrate + Old Masters: Australia's Great Bark Artists + Engaging Indigenous Economy: Debating Diverse Approaches: Professor Jon Altman + The 2014 Annual ANU Reconciliation Lecture: Fred Chaney AO + Exhibition: First Australians: Resistance

Darwin and Northern Territory events:

NT Events: Why Warriors Presents 'Bridging the Gap Seminars' (Darwin & Nhulunbuy) + 'An Introduction to Cross‐Cultural Awareness': Why Warriors

Melbourne and Victoria events:

Melbourne events: Marxism 2014 Conference: Aboriginal Freedom Fighter Lex Wotton breaks his silence at Marxism 2014 + Marxism 2014 Conference: Special guests: Gary Foley - 'A Black life' + Marxism 2014 Conference: Organising workers: Unions with a social conscience: the fight against racism with Ted Wymarra + Marxism 2014 Conference: Radical Reels Film Sessions - The Tall Man (2011) + Marxism 2014 Conference: Indigenous rights and struggle: The Northern Territory Intervention and the criminalisation of Aboriginality with Chris Graham, Shiralee Hood and Kutcha Edwards + White Face by Carly Sheppard: Presented by Next Wave and Footscray Community Arts Centre + Film Real: Black Screen: Utopia: Footscray + John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia': Vermont + John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia': Upwey + NACCHO Healthy Futures Summit + Bunjilaka: First Peoples exhibition

Perth and Western Australia events:

Perth and WA Events: Women's Council Aboriginal family violence training + SNAICC Training Workshops: 'Through Young Black Eyes' (Broome) & 'Working and Walking Together' + Aboriginal Health Conference 2014: 'Strong commitments - healthy communities' + Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives: 'Embrace the difference within our people' + 6th SNAICC National Conference

Sydney and NSW events:

NSW Events: The Cross Art Projects: Jacky Green: Flow of Voices + John Pilger's documentary film, 'Utopia': Sydney & NSW + 'In the Absence of Treaty' book-launch in Katoomba & Ryde + Meaningful Movies: Beyond Sorry (brought to you by Amnesty International) + RightsTalk: Advancing Aboriginal social and economic rights through effective governance of governments: Presenter: The Hon Fred Chaney AO + Come Celebrate the National Sorry Day 2014: Aboriginal Support Group + Listen to stories concerning Aboriginal people in our local area: Aboriginal Support Group + Dr Charles Perkins AO 2014 Memorial Oration and Prize

Tasmania events:

Hobart Event: SNAICC is hosting 'Through Young Black Eyes' workshops

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WGAR: Working Group for Aboriginal Rights (Australia)


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