Tom Calma

WGAR News: Now is not the time to open the door to bigotry: Tom Calma & Melinda Cilento, Reconciliation Australia

Newsletter date: 29 March 2014


* Dr Tom Calma AO & Melinda Cilento, Co-Chairs of Reconciliation Australia: Now is not the time to open the door to bigotry
* ABC Lateline: Proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act need to be redrafted [Featuring Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission]
* Robert Crawford, South Coast Register: Local leader condemns race hate law change [Featuring Aboriginal leader Gerry Moore]
* Heath Aston, The Wimmera Mail-Times: Adam Goodes speaks out against Racial Discrimination Act changes

WGAR News: Sharing Culture - Empowering Aboriginal people to heal and develop resilience to historical trauma

Newsletter date: 23 March 2014


* SNAICC News: Sharing Culture initiative online

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Hundreds more will suicide if we wait for 2015
* Background to Suicide and Self-harm in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

* SNAICC News: SNAICC congratulates Dala Yooro Children and Family Centre
* SNAICC News: The Training Team recently delivered 10 of these 2-day workshops across New South Wales
* SNAICC News: The children of Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community - The Boss of My Body!

WGAR News: Closing the Gap: we know what works, so why don't we do it?: Eva Cox, The Conversation

Newsletter date: 25 February 2014


* Eva Cox, The Conversation: Closing the Gap: we know what works, so why don't we do it?
* SNAICC News: Disappointing sense of deja vu on closing the gap - Article by Angela Webb in The Australian 13 February 2014
* Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT): ALS calls for Justice Targets to be incorporated into Closing the Gap
* CAAMA Radio: Working together… [Featuring Barbara Shaw discussing the National Apology and Closing the Gap report]

WGAR News: "Background Evidence to Support a Declaration of Aboriginal Sovereignty"

Newsletter date: 23 February 2014


* Michael Anderson, The Carrington Rand Journal of Social Sciences: Background Evidence to Support a Declaration of Aboriginal Sovereignty
* Background to the Aboriginal sovereignty movement

* Jarvis Ryan: Bilingual education needs to be extended, not scrapped
* Alice Springs News: Indigenous education review: no more ‘biliteracy’; boarding for secondary students
* Background to the use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools (bilingual education)

* SBS News: Big picture needed on Aboriginal education [Featuring Tom Calma]