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WGAR News: Now is not the time to open the door to bigotry: Tom Calma & Melinda Cilento, Reconciliation Australia

Newsletter date: 29 March 2014


* Dr Tom Calma AO & Melinda Cilento, Co-Chairs of Reconciliation Australia: Now is not the time to open the door to bigotry
* ABC Lateline: Proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act need to be redrafted [Featuring Gillian Triggs, President of the Human Rights Commission]
* Robert Crawford, South Coast Register: Local leader condemns race hate law change [Featuring Aboriginal leader Gerry Moore]
* Heath Aston, The Wimmera Mail-Times: Adam Goodes speaks out against Racial Discrimination Act changes

O’Farrell plans to shut prisoner halfway houses

The NSW government is planning to close seven prisoner halfway houses in a bid to save money.

The homes are designed to help former prisoners reintegrate into the community.

The planned cuts to the parole scheme with affect more than 100 prisoners and 60 public servants will lose their jobs.

The Public Service Association has slammed the move as short sighted and says the cuts may prompt reoffending.

There are also plans to ask charities and NGO’s to run some of the centres.