Ian Lloyd Neubauer

WGAR News: Sharing Culture - Empowering Aboriginal people to heal and develop resilience to historical trauma

Newsletter date: 23 March 2014


* SNAICC News: Sharing Culture initiative online

* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: Hundreds more will suicide if we wait for 2015
* Background to Suicide and Self-harm in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

* SNAICC News: SNAICC congratulates Dala Yooro Children and Family Centre
* SNAICC News: The Training Team recently delivered 10 of these 2-day workshops across New South Wales
* SNAICC News: The children of Burringurrah Remote Aboriginal Community - The Boss of My Body!

WGAR News: Torres Strait region pushes for autonomy: Jeremy Geia, NITV News

Newsletter date: 3 June 2013


* Jeremy Geia, NITV News: Torres Strait region pushes for autonomy
* Jeremy Geia, SBS Radionews: Torres Strait continues autonomy push
* NIRS: New push for Torres Strait self governance

* Ian Lloyd Neubauer, TIME: Australia's Aborigines Launch a Bold Legal Push for Independence
* Audio Boo: Audio - Fred Hooper, Murrawarri Republic - 4ZZZ
* Audio Boo: Audio - Murrawarri Republic - Fred Hooper, spokesperson - 'The wire'
* Background to the Murrawarri Republic declaration