Tarkine World Heritage Now!


Tarkine – World Heritage Now!

A group of activists have gathered at the community forum today in Launceston to send a clear message to the Labour Government that the Tarkine needs an emergency world heritage listing.

T-shirts reading “TARKINE HERITAGE LISTING” were displayed outside the community cabinet forum at the Launceston College on Brisbane Street. Members of the newly formed environmental advocacy group GroundSwell maintained a silent peaceful vigil as the cabinet continued inside.


Australian government proposes sweeping Internet surveillance

Reposted from the WSWS By Mike Head 14 July 2012 Australia’s Labor government is pushing for unprecedented powers to intercept all Internet communications, in line with similar measures in the United States and Europe. Under the proposals, everything that Australians do on-line, from Skype calls to Twitter and Facebook posts, would be stored for up to two years so that the security agencies could explore the data.

The role of the U.S. in the leadership crisis in the ALP

As the media goes into overdrive discussing the leadership crisis in the ALP, the real story of the June 2010 coup against Rudd and its ongoing implications are being ignored. Rudd was removed by a few faceless men in the ALP for a number of reasons: Due to domestic pressure from the mining companies, due to frustration from sections of the business elite about his stimulus package and due to hostility by the U.S. to the Rudd's Government's position on China and the Afghan War. It has been written out of history by the press that Mark Arbib one of the key coup plotters was a U.S. spy and as the following article outlines, the recent Four Corners program has revealed further evidence that the U.S. Government had advance notice of the coup against Rudd. I highly recommend the following article and others on the World Socialist Website to get the real story about Australian politics - make no mistake there is far more than a clash of personalities going on in Canberra right now.

Anti-Gillard protest in Melbourne, 28 September

Same-sex marriage and refugee activists were the main groups protesting outside the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne when Prime Minister Julia Gillard was delivering a speech to a lunch of the AsiaLink and Asia Society (


UN Observers need to be stationed at all Australian Detention Centres. Asylum Seekers punished at Christmas Island.

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release:


Overnight the Christmas Island Detention Centre roof protest escalated with the response a severe lockdown. Christmas Island Detention Centre is now as bad as Woomera and Baxter. UN Observers must be located in these unlawful Detention Centres.

The Christmas Island roof top protest unnecessarily escalated and once again there was no appropriate de-escalation, mitigation or humanity.

Climate activists lock on at Gillard's office to protest pathetic ALP policy

In a spontaneous response to Julia Gillard's pathetic climate policy announcement yesterday morning, Shaun Murray and Carey Priest from the Switch Off Hazelwood Collective locked themselves to the door of her electoral office in Werribee. After initially scoping out the office and purchasing 'D'-locks from the local bike shop, the pair returned shortly afterwards at approximately 2:55pm yesterday and locked themselves by the neck to the door.


Call for Gillard to install solar panels on the Lodge

The international climate activist organisation - - has launched a campaign for Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to install solar panels on The Lodge. It has called for leaders of nations to instal solar panels on official residences, as part of global action on climate change on 10/10/10.

Gillard: Same horse, different jockey

By solid on Perth IMC

Rudd’s tears at his parting press conference will be the only tears shed for the end of his prime ministership. Arrogant to the end, still believing he was God’s gift to Australian politics, he continued to claim that he was elected to be Prime Minister by the Australian people. (But it was the Labor Party that made him prime minister.)

Kevin Rudd called climate change the “greatest moral challenge of our time” but didn’t have the moral or political will to do anything about it. (But then, neither did Gillard.)