Burying the future: Pipelines, Arctic melt, southern hemisphere weather

Canadian scientist Paul Beckwith explains how the Arctic warming emergency is changing your weather. First, story of anti-pipeline media warrior, John Bolenbaugh. The leaks, scandals and deaths behind Tar Sands pipelines.

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The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says an ice-free Arctic is no longer a matter of "if" but "when".

Climate denial investigation - while scientists muzzled Dr. John Mashey investigates right-wing billionaires & corporations who pay alleged "charities", bloggers, & old weathermen to deny climate science. Some of that propaganda money went to New Zealand and Australia. Then Canadian journalist Margaret Munro on government muzzling scientists, plus update by UCS Francesca Grifo on science freedom in U.S.
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Logging East Gippsland old growth forests destroys wildlife refugia in a warming climate

Environmental activists have been out in old growth Forests in East Gippsland this week attempting to stop more rape of our natural environment and protecting important refugia habitats for endangered species. Logging operations on Survey Rd on the Errinundra Plateau were halted by a tree-sit attached to five logging machines and suspended 40 metres up in the tree canopy.

"In the face of recent Baillieu government moves to weaken the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, conservationists have again taken their message to logging sites where important wildlife habitat continues to be logged for woodchips", said Ms Amelia Young, spokesperson for the conservationists of the Goongerah Environment Centre (GECO) (Facebook).


Friends of the Earth take on mega coal mine in court

On the eve of a court hearing due in Brisbane on August 29-31, Friends of the Earth International called on Swiss mining giant Xstrata's shareholders and investors to act to stop Xstrata's massive 'Mega Coal Mine' project in Australia. Research from climate change experts released this week shows that coal mines and subsequent carbon emissions will accelerate the loss of the Great Barrier Reef resulting in jobs losses and massive impacts on the Queensland economy.

Media Release
Date 29 August 2011
Coal mine linked to accelerated loss of Great Barrier Reef

The (Sha)revolution

The Sharehood started in 2008 as an idea. Theo was living in an inner city suburb of Melbourne’s north and his house didn’t have a washing machine. He was walking to a friends’ house to do his laundry when he realised many folks in his street would have washing machines and if he knew his neighbours, he might have been able to borrow theirs. He made a list of all the things that could be shared between neighbours and it was a long list! Then he distributed a letter to the people living within a 5 minute walk of his home, to share his idea and ask them to contact him to get involved.

Climate finance monsters mp3

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media sample collage, The Planet by Bill Hicks, Nature is wise by Mitchell and Webb, excerpt Now Show, Leaf Currency by Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe, Global Warming by Mitchel and Webb, Win Win by Norel Pref, Mad by George Carlin, Unobtainium by Tanya

music by Paris Acid Reflux Dont stop the movement

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Green groups criticize federal government for slashing climate programs for disaster reconstruction

Environment, climate change and green groups have criticized the Federal Government for budget cuts to solar development and carbon reduction programs, as part of its reconstruction program for rebuilding Queensland after the devastating floods.

Deferring expenditure in the solar flagship program is of major concern for the development of industry scale solar power stations in Australia, necessary for converting our reliance on carbon intensive coal fired power to renewable technologies. A US study has shown the feasibility of converting global power to 100 per cent carbon emission neutral alternative energy technologies in 20 to 40 years, similar to the Australian study by Beyond Zero Emissions with the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 report, launched in July 2010.


Climate scientist calls for Hazelwood immediate closure

Emminent Melbourne climate scientist Professor David Karoly has called for the Hazelwood coal fired power station to be closed down completely, saying "Hazelwood is partly to blame for causing climate change."

Photos: Replace Hazelwood (Takver) | Video: Close Hazelwood Power Station now says Climate Scientist Prof David Karoly

'No new coal, fund renewable energy' - Protest at Premier Brumby's office, 18 October 2010

Melbourne's Cross Campus Environment Network (CCEN) organised a rally on Monday outside the office of Premier John Brumby in opposition to energy
company HRL's plans to build a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley. Apart from a range of speakers condemning the plan, in the interests of
fair play they also invited a representative of the company to answer objections...