Fairfield Bike Shorts: Australian community-made films which get locals thinking about cycling

Fairfield Bike Shorts is an innovative, independent Australian film making project promoting cycling and bicycle infrastructure in the Fairfield City Council area through storytelling and film. The films produced will premiere on Saturday 12 October at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield NSW in a free, family-friendly event. This project is run through the Western Sydney Cycling Network and supported by the Fairfield City Council, the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, and The Spokes People. Fairfield Bike Shorts


Gambling at Addison Road Centre - Is it legal?

Australia’s largest community centre has given the green light to a private charity to hold Bingo nights at the centre, but now the plan is being questioned by critics and the Marrickville Council.


“Learning Links” a certified private charity commenced Bingo operations on Thursday, in the Great Hall of The Addison Road Centre (ARC) in Marrickville.



Foley's Folly

There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that the former South Australian treasurer for Mike Rann’s ALP government, Kevin Foley, is the now head of Foley Advisory - a consultancy firm for the development industry. A post-parliamentary career ‘advising’ developers (advising what exactly? How to assimilate development aspirations with government policy? How to cut re…) certainly seems to confirm criticisms that the Rann Government was resolutely pro-development industry. Maybe call this the ‘We told you so’ affectation.


NSW Department of Community Services Bowral regional manager corrupt Leonie Martin


With regards to my complaint about the 26 corrupt DoCS workers in the one NSW office, you replied asking me to send the woman who sold her house to prove in court the children were wrongly taken, with the DoCS office destroying evidence, making false statements, providing a false psychiatrist report etc.


The (Sha)revolution

The Sharehood started in 2008 as an idea. Theo was living in an inner city suburb of Melbourne’s north and his house didn’t have a washing machine. He was walking to a friends’ house to do his laundry when he realised many folks in his street would have washing machines and if he knew his neighbours, he might have been able to borrow theirs. He made a list of all the things that could be shared between neighbours and it was a long list! Then he distributed a letter to the people living within a 5 minute walk of his home, to share his idea and ask them to contact him to get involved.

Hepburn wind farm nears completion

While Governments and business have been slow to progress action on climate change some communities are putting their money into action by financing and establishing community owned and operated utility scale wind farms. Hepburn Wind is arguably the first Australian community owned wind farm located at Leonards Hill, near the town of Daylesford in central Victoria. When completed this year its two wind turbines, each producing 2 megawatts power for the grid, will supply enough for 2,300 homes, most of the demand generated in the Daylesford and Hepburn Springs area.


Residents consider community owned wind farm for the New England region

In Armidale Town Hall seventy residents gathered on 1st March to consider the merits of a community-owned wind farm for the New England region. The New England region has good wind resources and good access to transmission lines.


Linda Burney continues to terrorise NSW

This woman can not correct obvious errors, has no initiative, doesn't deserve a job at McDonald's but is head of her profession. Inapropriate for her to intervene is an insult, but standard procedure, with desperate pleas from devastated parents to show some common sense. Linda Burney and her cronies are terrorising the state of NSW.