Linda Burney continues to terrorise NSW

This woman can not correct obvious errors, has no initiative, doesn't deserve a job at McDonald's but is head of her profession. Inapropriate for her to intervene is an insult, but standard procedure, with desperate pleas from devastated parents to show some common sense. Linda Burney and her cronies are terrorising the state of NSW.

Linda is directly responsible because she inflicted suffering on this family for two years, relentless even after the loss of the father, she showed no mercy to that innocent, defenseless little girl. Linda was the only person capable of steppin in and doing the right thing. It is obvious she is the wrong person for the job. The blame must then be placed on the only person capable of stepping in and doing the right thing and sacking Linda Burney, Linda's boss.

Cruel, heartless and callous, an example she sets for all who are part of this group of Nazi Storm Troopers. Not just one sign of something wrong in this instance, but to any normal person a dozen red lights with alarm bells would be flashing.

She refuses to lift a finger or give amnesty to anyone. This sort of behaviour only starts with Linda. It then runs down the whole chain of command and you end up with a whole department of Linda Burneys. I shiver at the thought, but this is what has happened.

Linda has been running it like this for years. A bunch of arrogant public servants who play by their own rules and answer to noone. What human being would stand by and let this sort of thing happen. Everyone that works for this heinous organisation.

Anything anyone can say is water off a duck's back, or more like a rhino's when it comes to Linda. Sack her, and give the job to the woman who showed compassion and understanding, and walked out and quit her job.

This is the sort of person we need when dealing with society's most vulnerable and disadvantaged, someone with a heart, and a conscience. But this will never happen will it Linda. Instead we lose another outstanding CPS worker, and the tragic scenario of Lindas reign continues.

I lost my son at the age of two in foster care because of this exact behavior, which permeates its way though the Deparatment of Child Safety in Queensland. Once again, they answer to noone, they listen to noone.

I begged everyone, from the minister's office, the child safety complaints hotline, the manager of Cairns north, the reunification team leader, and the visit supervisor. My son was in a foster home with a seventy four year old carer, who also had three older chldren to look after.

What idiot would do that to a two year old baby. Anything is better than offering the occassional amnesty and returning the child, isn't it Linda. With disgust, Luke's Dad.



How typically disgusting of these people. I left a comment and hopefully they will put it up. The Townsville office are the ones who last removed Luke from my care.
They ignored the judge and moved Luke to Cairns. They answer to noone.
I rang them the last time I saw Luke, laying in his coffin.

I said "Luke, I have done nothing since you died, but you watch me now. Daddy is gonna do something about this. Daddy is gonna get these people."
So I rang the DoCS complaints line, who I had begged for help so many times, the last time was to beg them to remove him from the dangerous foster home he had been placed in.
I rang the DoCS complaints line, then I rang the Cairns DoCS office I had been dealing with, then I rang the Townsville office who had kidnapped my baby.
I told them I had been reunited with my son, and I was looking at him his coffin.
I told them all that I was coming to get them.
I then rang the police and told them what I had done as a way of dealing with my grief.
I asked the police woman to contact the three offices and inform them that when I said I was "coming to get them" I meant that I intended to pursue the matter in court.
I promised Luke I would do something, and I hope I have achieved something, although this department seems to care about noone. They show no remorse, never admit to having made mistakes, and display arrogance, even to those who are grieving.
I will continue my fight, as I promised my son I would do. I love you more than anything in the world Lukey Pookey.

MP Linda Burney's failures extend elsewhere also:

An 83 year old pensioner woman now lives with a debt reaching $300,000 and this MP sat in her office accepting the dishonest lies of a the Canterbury City Council General Manager. And even when the NSW Ombudsman confirmed the improper and unreasonable conduct of this Council this MP Linda Burney didn't give one shit.

She is a complete disgrace to humanity.

Daily Telegraph story and comment from the public on this disgraceful act from MP Linda Burney.

DOCS shame file as 38 child deaths erased from records

Not to be rude or anything she can only do the best she can to help kids like me i am in docs i screwed up my life for 3years and because of linda she saved me from being nothing to doing something in my life, i went back to school after i did a program called burdangana at Taronga zoo sorry i cant spell. I am just saying some kids may have had a screwed up life like me some make it through some dont but it doesnt give people the right to say what they want about other people when you havent meet them, like they say you cant judge a book by its cover.

Thank you Linda for all your help to make sure i have a roof over my head and when i met you after people saying stuff about you, i said screw what they have to say i can do what i can to help kids.

Email me one day

Yulara frost 17

I am pleased for you Yularra, but I nor many others have had the opportunity to meet with MP Linda Burney and that is not because we did not try, but because she REFUSED to meet or help.

She has a role to do and is paid one huge amount of money to perform that role. That role does not include turning your back on people in need of help simply because she wants to protect dishonest people or people not doing their job properly.

It was not Linda Burney who helped you, it was you who helped yourself. And you should be proud of that fact. So please remember that and continue to do that because in time you will realise that sometimes the people you trust (like Linda Burney) are the people that will turn your back on you and many will do everything or nothing to ensure the truth about them is not revealed to anyone.

A near 80 year old woman turned to Linda Burney for assistance regarding dishonesty in Canterbury City Council see

Linda Burney was made fully aware that the General Manager was not providing her with the facts (the truth). Yet Linda Burney the Member for Canterbury and like the Councillors of Canterbury Council sat back and did nothing other to watch the old woman's life become hell.

And Ms Linda Burney has NEVER attempted to meet with this woman or even to apologise.

One must presume MP Linda Burney is linked to the reason for this

linda burney is helping generate billions of dollars in revenue by stealing another generation with nothing but lies and deception.