Epping DoCS stole my autistic child when I went to them for help

Below is one of the most disgusting displays of DoCS bullying and mismanagement of families I have come across. A mother who went to DoCS NSW Epping office for help. Never, ever ever ever, never go to docs for help. This poor woman has never abused or neglected her son. Epping DoCS need to be fully investigated.


Sad Christmas for thousands of parents and children in corrupt foster care and child protection system

Please spare a thought this Christmas for those children who have lost their lives due to child protection authorities negligence and abuse, and the many children and parents wrongly separated by a cruel and senseless child protection abomination.


Child Protection Corruption


Father stabbed her in the head put her to bed to die!! D.O.C.S have taken all 3 children

Please give your support to this woman whose daughter is in a critical condition in hospital.

Maddison is in a critical condition in Sydney childrens hospital.. her FATHER stabbed her through the head and put her to bed to die!!

Now D.O.C.S have taken all 3 of Kristys children for something that WAS NOT Kristys fault!! Please help us make sure justice is served!


Linda Burney continues to terrorise NSW

This woman can not correct obvious errors, has no initiative, doesn't deserve a job at McDonald's but is head of her profession. Inapropriate for her to intervene is an insult, but standard procedure, with desperate pleas from devastated parents to show some common sense. Linda Burney and her cronies are terrorising the state of NSW.