Epping DoCS stole my autistic child when I went to them for help

Below is one of the most disgusting displays of DoCS bullying and mismanagement of families I have come across. A mother who went to DoCS NSW Epping office for help. Never, ever ever ever, never go to docs for help. This poor woman has never abused or neglected her son. Epping DoCS need to be fully investigated. How many families are Epping DoCS terrorising? Daily updates by the mother can be found on her blog regarding the Removal of her Autistic Son by DoCS Epping NSW

"My child (Epping Docs victim) has autism with behaviour to say the least 'outrageous', though (Epping Docs victim) is very cute kid and very bright. There is no history either implied or actual of abuse or neglect, nor have I been accused of it - yet - however the problem with (Epping Docs victim) is lashing out at other people, high anxiety, and pervasive control issues. I was told today that the "best" people to contact for respite were Docs.

Within a few hours he was removed from me involuntarily under a foster care order. To be honest the situation isn't a protection issue unless you count me as the one needing it. I am now in doubt that this was the best course for him (they told me to tell (Epping Docs victim) when I said goodbye that it was 'respite' instead of 'foster care' as it would have sent him ballistic). They've refused (Epping Docs victim) usual respite service being involved and have said he'd be better off with an unknown foster family. They also said that I had no valid reason for respite unless I could provide them with a 'plan', and that respite 'wasn't what I really wanted'.

Docs have, however, accused me of a curious term called 'doctor shopping' because I've asked his paediatric doctors to medicate (Epping Docs victim) for the aggression, and I wasn't previously aware that asking for such was reportable. They have also said that I have been reported for buying street drugs for him (which would actually defeat the purpose of asking doctors for meds, but let's not let logic get in the way of a good accusation). I was totally unaware until they informed me today that there was actually a market for kids drugs on the streets (but now I know!)

I'm unsure as to what streets drugs are sold on, but they will know sure enough when they do the tests on (Epping Docs victim). They're also going to be 'surprising' me with a random urine test. Yes, they're going to that extreme despite no history of drugs with anyone in my family. They refused to specify what ominous substances they were referring to, so I'm completely in the dark as to what they're supposed to be, or in what form etc. I used to work as a pharmacy purchaser (which required criminal checks in order to work there) so if only they would tell me I could find out if in fact whatever it's supposed to be is a street chemical or not.  

They've also said they'll be 'requiring' me to reveal his fathers name which isn't on (Epping Docs victim) birth certificate. Is this legal or relevant? Shouldn't they be supporting single parents with autistic kids instead of hounding them?    

My own father was a Docs Manager until he was forced out (of which I could tell you quite a few stories which would have resulted back at that time in all of the workers from 20 years ago having all of their own kids removed... ah, what a funny contradictory world we live in). I used to think of the workers being like children with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, because anything that makes sense they mangle, and anything that's clearly illogical they'll say it makes sense).
However, having been told recently that the culture and professionalism and training/experience of docs had changed and not really having any choice with respite care, I made the awful mistake of believing the mental health 'expert' that calling docs would give (Epping Docs victim) some well-deserved respite without any fear of recrimination. I was told that respite would be given immediately and non-judgmentally. 

How wrong I was. The two childless 20-something girls with zero life experience grilled me for three hours, reducing me to tears with threats. I've never been accused of anything to do with drugs, taking or buying. 

After breaking me down, they made me sign a piece of paper giving them temp custody of (Epping Docs victim) and a statement that I'd done so 'voluntarily'. Crock of pure BS... They said if I didn't sign they'd take (Epping Docs victim) 'involuntarily" and I'd be issued a court summons. All this drama over asking for respite! THIS WAS NOT "VOLUNTARY".

So, scammed by the system and (Epping Docs victim) is now paying for my stupidity. I was even 'supervised' when I gave (Epping Docs victim) a hug goodbye. The lessons: never ask for a child to be medicated, don't mention aggression and don't admit to stress- the perception of an idyllic life is what you need to project, in order to stave the criminalisation of the 'cattle classes'. And why most Docs workers are female twenty-somethings: firstly because they're malleable (think of that old saying of 'not being young enough to know it all') and secondly... just because they can (inflict pain)."



How typical- villify the disabled- WHERE IS THE ANTI-DISCRIMINATION MINISTER IN ALL OF THIS?? WHERE ARE THE RESPITE SERVICES?? You hear of the same thing happening all the time with these kids and their poor stressed parents- it was on channel 10 recently. I wish her all the best- can we donate money for a lawyer?

I'm shocked and horrified one Human Services would do this.
Am well aware DoCS all over have a history of always trying to find the worst in every mother who asks them for any help. They distort the truth thinking the worst almost always.
What do they gain from removing a child from his or her mother, other than some cruel gratification of what they project as hostile. (Which is their own hostility toward mothers.)
They cannot understand all of us have human needs as well as are not perfect.
No mother or father is perfect.
DocS everwhere need to have staff who are experienced, with expertise and wisdom not merely straight off the campus students toying with major family dynamics.
I hope this mother and child gain justice and have professional help which is non judgemental from here on in.
I wish them as family again with that respite which I have seen in such families, that is sometimes needed.
When do these DocS staff understand and show empathy and compassion instead of choose the dangerous path of seperating in this way mother and child.
Where are the empathic professional counsellors and staff at all DocS.
Concerned mother of non autistic

Bloody terrible.
Get justice.

In hope for you and your family mother of child.


This is truly horrifying. I mean, just imagine you're a little kid, you have your mum representing stability and security telling you that she's sending you away for a while. Imagine she's not allowed to tell you she has no choice, either.
Now imagine you're Autistic, meanimg that stability and security are the be all and end all in your life. That's how Child Protective Services become known as Child Punitive Services.

I fully agree that your story is very likely. I am a victim myself.


      :-doctors, teachers/schools, daycare, playgroup, religious aid organisations, maternal check ups, police, refuges, courts, centerlink, councellors, social workers even dentists, EVERYWHERE!
      Prepare your children by drilling them what to say if a stranger asks them about home or anything else. DOCS canvas schools looking for targets. We all know kids say the darndest things
      Tell them to say "I want my mum (or Dad). You cant talk to me alone." ...........then to just stay quiet.
      Explain to them that some adults (even nice pretty ones) lie and they want kids to say things about home . As soon as they are big enough to look after one - make sure that your kids have a mobile phone so they can call you if something like this happens.
      If the kids are old enough explain as much as they will be able to cope with. It is truly better for kids have some nervousness about being taken away than to actually be taken away.
      Do your best to look after your family (in house). Of course - if you need rescue by being removed from your home then go for it. but be aware that your family is likely to be completely split up. Even if you think you have a great life - sooner or later everyone becomes down on their luck, one way or another. DOCS can and do twist everything. They don't need a reason or any proof to involve themselves in your life. But they can and do make up 'concerns' to remain involved.
      The 'concerns' about our family were about our health - nothing else - until DOCS started its heartbreaking rampage through our lives. Then came long ago history (over ten years ago) and recent ill health leading to twisted words, interviews with people with grudges and finally absolute and rediculous lies. I can't speak for other peoples stories, but since the horror of docs came into our family's life I can see each story as likely and I recognise many similarities.
      I could say so much more about the cruel and totally unjust practices of DOCS.
      Its a sad fact that the organistation that is supposed to protect children and help families does not much of either and is actually responsible for heartbreaking pain and fear in people who simply need support to keep their family TOGETHER.
      I can do little more than send out my love and sympathy to those victims of the legal kidnapping mapping machine, but I am mulling over some ideas. here's something more definite will come to me.
      Love and Trust - RDW