DoCS Baby Stealers Caught on Camera Abducting Children Because of Too Many Toys

Help! DoCS and Police are at my Door to Steal my Babies

Watch the attempted abduction video footage


DoCS Baby Stealers Caught on Camera Abducting Children Because of Too Many Toys

This week the following post was made in the Luke's Army group on facebook by a distraught father....

I have just had DOCS at my door with the police. They want to take my children based on an argument I had with the car pool guy my Ex has picking up my daughter from school.
I refused them entry and now they are going for a court order. Because of toys scattered about the yard by active children they claim the place is "filthy". I corrected them by pointing out they were toys being used by spoiled children who have so many toys I cant keep them packed up!
These f*****s are after me.

Luke's Army is a support and information group for parents dealing with the heavy hand of child protection, world wide. Luke's Army is named after Luke Borusiewicz who died in suspicious circumstances in foster care aged two. As well as the Luke's Army group on facebook ther is also a Luke's Army website.

A plethora of victims of DoCS came forward with advice for this father, the first being to record everything especially on video when they inevitably returned. As the story has unfolded it is obvious that this was a typical DoCS lynch mob, where the fact that the children have never been abused or neglected does not come into the equation. What the DoCS feminazis say... Goes.

To hell with the children, the parents, the judges, police, politicians... these animals are a breed of their own, ask anyone who has had the misfortune to deal with them. They hold no accountability for their actions, they are not required to show proof of their decision to remove children, they are protected by stringent media laws that they use to their full advantage to hide their acts of terrorism, and this is all backed up by an unlimited budget for legal representation.

Like so many government departments, rather than admit they are at fault, they will embark upon a prolonged legal battle, in the hope of draining every last penny these parents have, the children's inheritance, all gone trying to get them back out of the clutches of this pure evil which is DoCS NSW, and just about every other department falsely portraying itself as a protector of children in Australia.

These vile creatures have no respect for parental rights, or parents full stop. What makes me so knowledgeable to be considered qualified to capacitate such judgements on this failing system? My experience is not equivalent to the majority of these DoCS minions who enter into family homes en masse daily and unleash devastation armed only with a short uni course, no children of their own and no life skills. No, I am Luke's Dad.

These animals kidnapped and murdered my baby boy and swept it under the carpet, or tried to. I have the police now trying to incarcerate me on false charges to shut me up and to stop me exposing all the corruption rife throughout child protection departments in Australia.

I have witnessed first hand how these hateful entities treat children, parents.... families.

Anyway, here is another one. A father, trapped, with nowhere to turn, nowhere to run from this monster of destruction that feeds upon the souls of children. To read more about this father's story, and catch up on daily updates, please visit his blog on the Luke's Army website.



absolutely disgusting and to think the mother of the child is totally happy her 7yr old daughter travels with adult men, whom she prob dnt know well...i know this guy, you couldnt find a more caring and concerned parent then what this guy is, how bout u do the right thing and give him back his baby, he raised her for how long, yeah i heard bout u to Emma..u should be ashamed of yourself as a women and as a parent...grow up!!!!!!!1 and leave my best mate alone

If this story is true then it is the worst kind of inhuman activity in the world. Even God won't love a kid more than it's mother. How these nerds try to do such things I can't understand. I know it is the duty of the society to protect a kid if it is neglected by parents. But before snatching the baby from the parents, this government agency should gather sufficient proof against such parents. If a kid is wrongly taken away from its parent, it will create havoc in parents' mind but the hardest impact goes to the kid's mind. It not only hates these people, it will hate the whole society for all of its life and anyone can predict what the kid will be in future. baby steals