Western Sydney

Fairfield Bike Shorts: Australian community-made films which get locals thinking about cycling

Fairfield Bike Shorts is an innovative, independent Australian film making project promoting cycling and bicycle infrastructure in the Fairfield City Council area through storytelling and film. The films produced will premiere on Saturday 12 October at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield NSW in a free, family-friendly event. This project is run through the Western Sydney Cycling Network and supported by the Fairfield City Council, the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, and The Spokes People. Fairfield Bike Shorts


Nuclear Waste and a Western Sydney Suburb

The NSW State Liberal Government is planning to send Nuclear Waste from the site of an old uranium smelter in Hunters Hill to the Western Sydney Suburb of Lidcombe. The proposed storeage facility is within walking distance of thousands of local homes. Local residents have produced this film to try and explain why Nuclear Waste shouldn't be brought to our backyards.

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You can find our film at: http://www.battler.org.au/2012/03/no-nuclear-waste-film/