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Why Australia should not become the world's nuclear waste dump

Former prime minister Bob Hawke is urging Australia to become the world's nuclear waste dump. But he has little hope of succeeding.

Hawke said Australia could end the disadvantage endured by its Indigenous population by opening up traditional lands as dumping sites for nuclear waste from around the world. This would "finally eliminate these disgraceful gaps in well-being and lifetime opportunities”, Hawke said — an echo of his grandiose claim in 1987 that, "By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty."


Nuclear Waste and a Western Sydney Suburb

The NSW State Liberal Government is planning to send Nuclear Waste from the site of an old uranium smelter in Hunters Hill to the Western Sydney Suburb of Lidcombe. The proposed storeage facility is within walking distance of thousands of local homes. Local residents have produced this film to try and explain why Nuclear Waste shouldn't be brought to our backyards.

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3,000 demonstrated against nuclear transport at 23 locations in Germany

Media release translated by Diet Simon

Anti-nuclear activists demonstrated at 23 locations across Germany on Saturday (12 February) against the imminent delivery of waste to a storage hall at Lubmin on the Baltic coast.

The Northeast Anti-Nuclear Alliance reports at least 1,000 protesters in other locations and about 2,000 plus six tractors at Greifswald, the nearest larger town to Lubmin and former location of a nuclear power station.

300 in warm-up for protest against delivery of nuclear waste to out-of-sight out-of-mind north German dump

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By Diet Simon, adapting a media release.

The Northeast German Anti-Nuclear Alliance has started protests against imminent delivery of nuclear waste to an out-of-sight out-of-mind dump at the seaside resort Lubmin with a mobilisation demonstration in the Baltic port city Rostock on Saturday 5 February.

Nuclear dump opposed from Muckaty to Melbourne

Community opposition to Martin Ferguson's nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station continues to grow. About 40 people convened at short notice outside Martin Ferguson's electoral office on High Street Preston in a colourful protest of speeches, song and street theatre. 'Martin Ferguson' gets 'splashed' with Muckaty nuclear waste in the street theatre performed outside his office.

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Muckaty nuclear waste dump protested by traditional owners in Tennant Creek

250 Traditional indigenous owners and anti-nuclear activists protested in Tennant Creek on Saturday April 3 in opposition to the proposed Muckaty Station Nuclear Waste Dump. Anger was particularly directed at Federal Resources and Energy Minister Martin Ferguson, and to the Northern Land Council.