NSW Department of Community Services Bowral regional manager corrupt Leonie Martin


With regards to my complaint about the 26 corrupt DoCS workers in the one NSW office, you replied asking me to send the woman who sold her house to prove in court the children were wrongly taken, with the DoCS office destroying evidence, making false statements, providing a false psychiatrist report etc.

She has informed me that you told her you do not deal with this type of government corruption, conflicting with the outline you sent me for the guidelines of reporting corruption to the ICAC. Please explain.

With regards to the Department of Commuinity Services corruption in NSW, I also wish to bring to your attention a matter in which I am personally involved. Whilst presenting a birthday card to the Department of Community Services Bowral office, I was told by the regional manager Leonie Martyn that I was not permitted to have a photocopy of the birthday card stamped and signed, because there was no stamp in the Bowral Department of community services office.

Here is a signed photocopy of a document addressed to Mandy Ramsay manager Bowral DoCS I lodged at the Bowral Department of Community Services office two days prior.

Is it not standard procedure for every government office to have a stamp for that office, and to photocopy and stamp each item as requested, with a signature and date to procure the legitimacy of the document. Surely a regional manager is aware of this, suggesting malpractice. If the regional manager cannot be honest with regards to such trivial matters, what can she be trusted with? That is why she is regional manager, because she can lie through her teeth while looking you in the eye, as I witnessed.

A birthday card may seem inconsequencial, however the distraught mother's Christmas card from 2010 was not given to the same child until late January. This would suggest personal harrassment of the mother by this office, the reason I was asked to submit the Birthday card.

Please advise if the ICAC is not the right government department to submit this complaint to, and may I first remind you before you suggest the Department of Community Services Complaints department, that the last woman you told me to send to you had contacted the complaints department over twenty times, and that in the last month, the father of Tanilla Warrick contacted the Department of Community Services Complaints Department in NSW over twenty times trying to save the life of his daughter, to no avail.

It was noted as a major injustice by the Wood Report that parents continuously calling NSW DoCS complaints line are labelled trouble makers. How many blatant malpractise examples must you be sent to acknowledge the corruption within the NSW Department of Community Services complaints department, and the NSW DoCS as a whole?

This corruption as I have shown you, has spread into the private sector, legal, medical, media, and perhaps to the ICAC. Will you please address this blatant government corruption or is it beyond your capacity? Many believe a royal commission into child protection Australia wide is needed. Please advise me on your opinion in this matter.



As an experienced community services worker I can't imagine what your going through or what any parent who loses their child like this is going through.
Its hard to believe that another person can love a child more than their own parents do but its true in many cases and this office was set up to protect the children from harm and negligence.
What did the parents do to their child to have them forcibly removed?
I do understand your frustration because there is a shift in Australian culture namely our priorities aren't right in this country, we waste so much money on prisoners and illegal immigrants, dole bludgers etc and dont help those that really deserve the help. Drugs are ruining the minds of healthy people, wasting public resources yet nothing is done to curb the problem.
We live in a country thats going down the toilet fast unless we stop fighting one another and begin to value each other and work together, each one their own place.
In your predicament just keep patient, seek moral support and keep a record of everything. Times, places and events are important.Follow the grievance procedure and give the department the opportunity to respond - but whats most important is put things in writing to the department, minister and federal minister - specific encounters and events.
You are only looked at as a trouble maker if you let your emotions get the better of you and become verbally aggressive and uncoperative when given audience because your emotions overwhelm you at the time.
The system is not infallable, there are many things going wrong with it but there are good people in it, just dont give up because justice will come your way.I hope this helps you a little.xo