Gambling at Addison Road Centre - Is it legal?

Australia’s largest community centre has given the green light to a private charity to hold Bingo nights at the centre, but now the plan is being questioned by critics and the Marrickville Council.


“Learning Links” a certified private charity commenced Bingo operations on Thursday, in the Great Hall of The Addison Road Centre (ARC) in Marrickville.


ARC Management are currently under fire over claims of bullying and mismanagement, after they evicted several long term community groups.


Owned by the State Government the Centre has supported culture, arts, community and the environment since 1976.  


In July an eviction notice was given to Aerialize Theatre, a not-for-profit organisation which had been a tenant of the Great Hall for 16 years. In its place, Bingo and Housie will be run by Learning Links, with some of the profits going to assist children with disabilities.


Bingo and non-profit organisations are permissible as community events in the Great Hall however, private charities, like Learning Links are not covered.  The Great Hall is currently approved for community use and use by sporting clubs.


Learning Links, as a private charity does not have approval to operate sessions in the Great Hall.  Marrickville Council is currently reviewing the matter and the legal status of the arrangement is not clear.


Marrickville Council also sent a Fire Safety Officer to inspect the site on Wednesday, as the events will attract 300 to 400 people.


Critics of the current ARC management have welcomed the Council investigation and have also called on the state government to consider appointing an administrator to resolve the disputes over tenancies.


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