WGAR News: Australia's boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people: John Pilger, The Guardian

Newsletter date: 1 May 2013


* John Pilger, The Guardian: Australia's boom is anything but for its Aboriginal people

* Daniel Emerson, The West Australian: Nation's political bloodshed 'ignored'
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: The Killing Times
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: WA Governor states that he was misinterpreted

* The Wire: Coalition says remote communities should fund own water, sewerage [interview with Paddy Gibson]

* Rachel Siewert, New Matilda: When Did Labor Stop Caring?

* Other articles

We are lucky Bob Carr was not appointed Indigenous Affairs Minister!

Gerry Georgatos

Former NSW premier, Bob Carr, autocratically selected by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, without it going to a vote of even the Cabinet, to fill the vacant Senate position meant Warren Mundine, who lobbied for the senatorial vacancy was overlooked - and who would have been the first ALP Aboriginal federal parliamentarian in the hundred year history of the party. The Prime Minister has publicly said that she values Mr Carr’s advice and that she has often consulted him on a range of issues.


Warren Mundine's brave face but gutted - our source correct about Senator Bob Carr!

Gerry Georgatos Former ALP president and Bandjalung man, Warren Mundine is putting on a brave face after being denied the opportunity to become the first Aboriginal federal Labor politician.


Is The Punch being unduly censored?

I recently documented on The Punch how my son Jordan, a victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination has become a victim of escalating human rights abuses including police brutality, false arrest, false imprisonment and wrongful prosecution. After my blog comments were published online they received over a dozen replies. However, sometime between 5 and 6 pm on 13/12/11, all my published comments and the responses to them were removed from The Punch website due to censorship.


Longshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

The Internationalist
December 2011

Following Dec. 12 West Coast Port Blockade

Longshore Workers, Truckers: Shut the Ports, Coast to Coast!

 Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Occupy protesters blockade the port of Oakland, California, December 12. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Labor's Right occupies national conference

The Right of the Labor party have totally dominated this year's National Conference. The small win on gay marriage was effectively nullified because a conscience vote in parliament is doomed to be defeated with the Liberal Party opposed to any change on this issue. Labor's conscience vote is effectively a "no" vote.

Gillard: Same horse, different jockey

By solid on Perth IMC

Rudd’s tears at his parting press conference will be the only tears shed for the end of his prime ministership. Arrogant to the end, still believing he was God’s gift to Australian politics, he continued to claim that he was elected to be Prime Minister by the Australian people. (But it was the Labor Party that made him prime minister.)

Kevin Rudd called climate change the “greatest moral challenge of our time” but didn’t have the moral or political will to do anything about it. (But then, neither did Gillard.)


People before profit! Don't make Asia Pacific a sweatshop hell! -- Our strong call to ABAC meeting

NAFITU and YFOTU Press Release for Approaching ABAC Action on 517  

People Before Profit! Don’t Make Asia Pacific A Sweatshop Hell! --Our Strong Call to ABAC Meeting

Time: 12:30, May 17, 2010 (Monday)

Venue: Taipei International Convention Center (No.1, Sec. 5, Hsin-YiRoad, Taipei)

International Contact Persons: Weili Chu (General Secretary, NAFITU): +886-981238732, Lennon Ying-Dah Wong (International Coordinator, YFOTU): +886-933908994


Turkey: Solidarity call for the "Platform of struggling workers"

A number of militant workers from recent workers' struggles in Turkey, including National Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly (TEKEL) workers, Istanbul Water and Sewers Department (ISKI) workers, firemen, Sinter metal workers, Esenyurt municipality workers, Marmaray building workers, dustmen, workers from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and workers from the ATV-Sabah News Corporation, have come together and established a workers' group called the Platform of Struggling Workers.