Bob Carr

Bob Carr publicly attacks West Papua activists

Foreign minister Bob Carr has angrily attacked a group of Australians who are travelling to West Papua, to highlight the continued abuses under Indonesian rule.

The so called Freedom Flotilla is a small group of vessels currently on the way to West Papua.

The flotilla is supported by several prominent Australians including Bob Brown, David Bridie, Senator John Madigan, and even the Liberal Senator Warren Entsch.


Bob Carr on West Papua

Foreign minister Bob Carr has been directly challenged in a public hearing over his weak position on the human rights crisis in West Papua.

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale clashed with Carr during a Senates Estimates committee hearing.

Carr tried to blame The Greens and Australian human rights activists for inciting "false hope" that West Papua might one day achieve independence from Indonesia.

In response Senator Di Natalie called Mr Carr's view "incredibly patronising and incredibly arrogant".

Bob Carr ignoring human rights abuses in Sri Lanka

Why does the Foreign minister continually try to play down blatant abuses in Sri Lanka?

Is it related to the Gillard government's contoversial policy on Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

Why does Foreign Minister Bob Carr keep making excuses for the government of Sri Lanka?

There is strong evidence from credible organisations that serious human rights abuses are continuing in Sri Lanka, despite the “end of the civil war”.

But every time Bob Carr is asked about the situation there he pretends there are no problems and says things are improving.


We are lucky Bob Carr was not appointed Indigenous Affairs Minister!

Gerry Georgatos

Former NSW premier, Bob Carr, autocratically selected by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, without it going to a vote of even the Cabinet, to fill the vacant Senate position meant Warren Mundine, who lobbied for the senatorial vacancy was overlooked - and who would have been the first ALP Aboriginal federal parliamentarian in the hundred year history of the party. The Prime Minister has publicly said that she values Mr Carr’s advice and that she has often consulted him on a range of issues.


Warren Mundine's brave face but gutted - our source correct about Senator Bob Carr!

Gerry Georgatos Former ALP president and Bandjalung man, Warren Mundine is putting on a brave face after being denied the opportunity to become the first Aboriginal federal Labor politician.