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West Papuan National Day Goes Global

This Sunday the 1st of December 2013 events will be held across West Papua, Australia and the world to mark the day West Papua’s flag was first raised in preparation for Independence from the Dutch in 1961.

Global solidarity for a free West Papua is surging in the wake of the unprecedented public awareness generated by the Freedom Flotilla to West Papua and the occupation of the Australian Embassy in Bali during the APEC summit.

Bob Carr publicly attacks West Papua activists

Foreign minister Bob Carr has angrily attacked a group of Australians who are travelling to West Papua, to highlight the continued abuses under Indonesian rule.

The so called Freedom Flotilla is a small group of vessels currently on the way to West Papua.

The flotilla is supported by several prominent Australians including Bob Brown, David Bridie, Senator John Madigan, and even the Liberal Senator Warren Entsch.


Bob Carr on West Papua

Foreign minister Bob Carr has been directly challenged in a public hearing over his weak position on the human rights crisis in West Papua.

Greens Senator Richard Di Natale clashed with Carr during a Senates Estimates committee hearing.

Carr tried to blame The Greens and Australian human rights activists for inciting "false hope" that West Papua might one day achieve independence from Indonesia.

In response Senator Di Natalie called Mr Carr's view "incredibly patronising and incredibly arrogant".

West Papua's Prisoners of Conscience

A new website and campaign has been launched to highlight Indonesia’s appalling record of jailing peaceful activists.


The website is intended to support advocacy for the rights of the political prisoners who are currently languishing in jails across West Papua.

There are at least 40 political detainees being held in Papuan jails. Many have been subjected to torture, denied access to lawyers, and suffered all manner of other human rights violations.

Sydney councils back West Papua

Two Sydney councils have decided to raise the banned “Morning Star” flag to commemorate the national day of West Papua.

Marrickville Council and Leichhardt Council will both hoist the West Papuan flag on their town halls on Friday November 30.

The actual West Papuan Flag Day is on December 1st and is often a time of great tension in Papua.

Indonesian forces regularly crackdown on anyone raising the Morning Star flag on December 1st.


Indonesia Jails Five West Papuans

 Indonesia jails five peaceful protestors for treason. Amnesty is calling for their immediate release.

- Five West Papuan citizens have been jailed for THREE YEARS for peacefully expressing their political views.

- They were charged with the absurd charge of TREASON for taking part in the 3rd Papuan People's Congress in October.

- These five West Papuans are now officially “prisoners of conscience” according to Amnesty International.

- Amnesty says there are now 95 prisoners of conscience in Indonesian occupied West Papua.

Leaked video shows brutal attack on peaceful protest

Leaked video shows the Indonesian military treating indigenous West Papuans like animals.Indonesian security forces, many in plain clothes and wearing crash helmets, are seen randomly firing their weapons and arresting scores of people, many of whom are punched, kicked, beaten or forced to crawl along the ground.

Five Papuans were killed in the incident on October 19.




Thousands of Papuans take to the streets calling for referendum

Okezone - November 14, 2011 Nurlina Umasugi, Jayapura -- Thousands of Papuans from the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) held a 15 kilometer march on Monday afternoon to demand a referendum for the Papuan people.

The long-march from the Abepura district towards the provincial capital of Jayapura city was closely watched over by Papuan police under the command of the regional and deputy-regional police chiefs. Several sections of road became congested because of the the overflow of protesters packing the main road.


Indonesian Commando Btn 755 brutalise Puncak Jaya villagers

by Nick Chesterfield at westpapuamedia.info - November 5, 2011 Indonesian army (TNI) commandos have terrorised and severely beat villagers in Kurulu District in Puncak Jaya in another show of extreme brutality against West Papuan civilians.

Soldiers from the Kostrad (Strategic Reserve) Battalion 755 stationed at the Kurulu army post stormed the village of Umpagalo, near Wamena, on the night of November 2, breaking up a meeting and severely beating 12 men, including 3 West Papua National Committee (KNPB) members.


Call for suspension of military ties with Indonesia

The shootings and arrests of people meeting peacefully at the Third West Papuan Peoples Congress at Abepura this week are the latest instance of Indonesia’s violent and repressive rule in West Papua.

Australia has an agreement for military cooperation with Indonesia which includes the supply of weapons. 

It opens with the phrase “reaffirming the sovereign equality of the parties, their faith in the purposes and principles of the charter of the United Nations and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments”.