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Seven refugee protesters from southern cities arrested in Darwin

Media Release 8th April Seven people from several Australian cities were arrested by Northern Territory police for trying to make contact with refugees inside the Wickham Point Detention Centre outside Darwin.

They were out at the remote site to show support to the 500 people locked up there for legally seeking asylum in Australia. The protest occurred the day after a refugee inside Wickham Point tried to commit suicide.


Refugee protest disrupts Immigration Department in Melbourne

A group of refugee protesters shut down the Melbourne immigration office today, in protest against deporting asylum seekers to Malaysia. The 40 refugee supporters loudly chanted “Refugees are welcome here” and “Not Malaysia, Not Nauru, Gillard we’re talking to you”. Four demonstrators staged a protest inside the immigration department where they gave speeches for 20 minutes before being escorted out of the building.


Australia’s detention centres explode in protest and despair

The last fortnight has seen protests by asylum seekers erupt at a number of detention centres, including Christmas Island, Darwin in the NT, Scherger in Queensland and Broadmeadows in Melbourne. Australia has 23 such centres which would be more aptly described as concentration camps. Asylum seekers took to the roof in Darwin for days before being forcibly removed. A solidarity rooftop protest occurred at Monash University. A hunger strike continued for six days at Scherger. A protest at Christmas Island was again violently suppressed by the AFP with tear gas and synthetic bullets. Detainees at Christmas Island dug buried themselves in shallow graves to symbolize their despair. Unfortunately threats to self-harm are not just threats with five detainees taking their own lives in the last ten months in detention. In Broadmeadows a number of boys sewed their lips together. All of this occurred at the same time the Gillard ALP government hardened its policies towards asylum seekers even further by signing off on the Malaysian solution.


Boys at Broadmeadows Detention Centre sew lips together

On the afternoon of Sunday 24th of July, The Refugee Action Collective received distressing images and news of 3 boys sewing their lips together at the Broadmeadows Detention Centre. When trying to visit these boys Serco officers would not comment on whether the boys had received medical help. All three boys are unaccompanied minors from Kuwait, Iran and Iraq. They have been unlawfully detained for up to 11 months. They are desperate and need immediate medical care and support. We demand Serco to release information on the condition of the boys immediately.


Students protest on roof of Monash University in solidarity with asylum seekers

On July 27th fefugee rights student activists have taken to the roof of the Monash University campus centre (Clayton Campus) in protest against the Gillard Government’s treatment of asylum seekers. The rooftop protest was called specifically to support the refugees currently detained at the Darwin Detention Centre, who are demonstrating against their imprisonment.


Darwin rooftoop asylum seeker protest ended 4.30PM July 27th by force

The following message was forwarded via email by the Refugee Action Collective of Victoria announcing they had heard direct from Darwin Detention Centre of the forcible ending of the rooftop protest by asylum seekers. The email from the Detention Centre is included below:


Second night of protests on Christmas Island

Refugee Action Coalition Statement 21 July 2011 UPDATE–SECOND NIGHT OF TEAR GAS Around 10pm Christmas Island time, Federal police began the indiscriminate use of tear gas inside the Christmas Island detention centre. Asylum seekers not involved with the protest have been affected by the tear gas. Tear gas was also fired at the roof top protesters, but the roof top protest is continuing.



Darwin Detention Centre rooftop protest ends

Refugee Action Coalition Statement July 20th 2011 After seven days, the roof top protest by five asylum seekers at Darwin detention centre ended this morning (Wednesday 20 July), after Immigration officials spoke again to the protesters.

Three of the protesters left the roof last night but the remaining two only came down around midday Darwin time. All the detainees, two Iraqis and three Ahwazi Arabs, have been waiting months for answers to their appeals.


UN Observers need to be stationed at all Australian Detention Centres. Asylum Seekers punished at Christmas Island.

The Human Rights Alliance Media Release:


Overnight the Christmas Island Detention Centre roof protest escalated with the response a severe lockdown. Christmas Island Detention Centre is now as bad as Woomera and Baxter. UN Observers must be located in these unlawful Detention Centres.

The Christmas Island roof top protest unnecessarily escalated and once again there was no appropriate de-escalation, mitigation or humanity.

Rooftop protest disrupts Christmas Island and Darwin Detention Centres

July 18th Press Release Both Christmas Island and Darwin detention centres have been hit by roof top protests. Christmas Island detention centre has been locked down today (Monday 18 July) after up to eleven asylum seekers began a roof top protest last night. It is not known if the asylum seekers are still on the roof.

The asylum seekers in White 1, Christmas Island are protesting against one of the White 1 asylum seekers being held in the notorious high security Red One compound– the so-called “behavioural management unit”.