February 2015 Honduras coup update


February 2015 Honduras coup update


Political persecution in February 2015


Police kidnapping in the context of a struggle against hydroelectricity dam


WGAR News: Money for Aboriginal disadvantage being chewed up by white bureaucrats!: CAAMA

Newsletter date: 8 April 2013


* CAAMA: Money for Aboriginal disadvantage being chewed up by white bureaucrats!
* Emma Murphy, Green Left: NT minister blames welfare dependence for violence

* NITV News: Indigenous children to learn native language
* SBS Radionews Audio: Indigenous languages to be taught in NSW schools
* SBS Radionews Audio: Support for NSW school Indigenous language plan
* Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation - Language
* Greg Dickson, Fully (sic), Crikey: Creative Australia lends extra support to Indigenous languages, but is it enough?

Cop It Sweet - Occupy Melbourne

Over 1000 people marched from the State Library of Victoria to Treasury Gardens on 29th October 2011 as part of the ongoing Occupy Melbourne protests.

Our boys and girls in blue were on the streets again today, dodging criticism for the use of brutal strong arm tactics against the public when evicting the Occupy Melbourne protest from City Square on the 21st of October.


Occupy Melbourne eviction - A first hand account

As a freelance journalist, it is my job to cover protest and put myself into situations where others may feel unsafe. It is my job to cover events as they unfold and report on them. Here is a detailed first hand account of my experiences of Occupy Melbourne's eviction. 

Here I am not stating support for or against Occupy Melbourne. This is simply a detailed statement of what I witnessed.

Gallery of the Eviction