Austerity Results From Privatization [ audio ]

Neo Liberal ideology fails its own economic goals. Politicians are inept at business and fail the community.
An analysis presented by Len Martin, written by Graham Ferguson from his series on debt finance.

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February 2015 Honduras coup update


February 2015 Honduras coup update


Political persecution in February 2015


Police kidnapping in the context of a struggle against hydroelectricity dam


WGAR News: The Contrarian: Truth is the casualty of History Wars: Gary Foley, Tracker

Newsletter date: 20 March 2014


* Aboriginal Peak Organisations NT (APO NT): Aboriginal Governance and Management Program

* Colin Penter, The Stringer: Jeff McMullen: Neoliberalism, market fundamentalism and the colonization of Aboriginal policy

* Gary Foley, Tracker: The Contrarian: Truth is the casualty of History Wars
* Michael Westaway, The Conversation: Why our kids should learn Aboriginal history
* Paul Daley, The Guardian: Historian shines a light on the dark heart of Australia's nationhood

February 2014 Honduras coup update

February 2014 Honduras coup summary update

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Summary of known political assassinations

-Justiniano Vázquez, political activist and brother of the should-be-mayor, was killed on 21/2/14
-Pedro Pérez, indigenous organiser, was killed on 18/2/14

Cases of known political persecution in February 2014

Neo Liberal Failures mp3

The Global Right recites their Neo Liberal agenda once again with elections pending in several countries. The Right repeats the mantra - manipulating scarcity to rule.

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