August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

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August 2015 Honduras Coup Update

Cases of persecution in August 2015

Attacks against the fire torch movement; one youth killed, protests violently repressed, and a doctor and politician receives death threat for supporting the marches.

(A-Radio) Interview with ABC Belarus on repression and other topics

The Anarchist Radio Berlin has made an interview with ABC Belarus on the current situation of the anarchist prisoners in this country.

Length: 9 minutes
You can hear or download the interview here.

Other topics in the interview include:

February 2014 Honduras coup update

February 2014 Honduras coup summary update

new site for the summaries online here:

Summary of known political assassinations

-Justiniano Vázquez, political activist and brother of the should-be-mayor, was killed on 21/2/14
-Pedro Pérez, indigenous organiser, was killed on 18/2/14

Cases of known political persecution in February 2014

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 anarchists kidnapped by the Chilean 'democracy'.

Last August, 14 anarchists were arrested accused of "terrorism" by the Chilean state, around the mediatic "Bombs case", 10 are still in the Maximun Security Prisons, under Pinochet's anti-terrorist law.

French students mobilize: "Sarkozy, you're screwed, the youth are in the streets!"

From our correspondent in Paris --

Something New – High School and College Students Protest the Pension “Reform” – Why?

French Students Mobilize: “Sarkozy, You’re Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!”

Thanks to solidarity mobilizations, Theodoros Iliopoulos is free at last!

The Greek government could not ignore anymore the massive movement formed in solidarity with innocent detainee Theodoros Iliopoulos and set him free at last!

Greece: Teo Eliopulos still not in a real hospital!

Greece: Teo Eliopulos still not in a real hospital!

The real struggle begins now!

Teo Eliopulos is an anarchist and the last prisoner from the December Revolt still in pre-trial detention and is denied bail for his beliefs.

Teo Eliopulos has been in prison since December (more than six months) and as of yesterday is the only prisoner of the revolt to be denied bail - still. On July 9 the Court of Appeals made it explicit, in rejecting Eliopulos’ application, that it did so on the grounds that Eliopulos is an anarchist and therefore a “danger for democracy”.