video.squat.net back online

Hey squatters and friends,

Good news! The video archive at squat.net is back online. This means that a huge archive of squatting reports and movies is again available to download for free. We are also adding new films, both shorts and full-length items.

Check it at http://video.squat.net/

Some tips:

‘Tuin en huisbezet’ [NL]
Two houses squatted in Amsterdam Oost just one week ago (short)


‘Squat Wars’
An interesting half-hour long documentary on squatting in the Czech Republic (CZ with ENG and RU subtitles)

Interview with Pred, Predaor, Mike Carlton

Here is a working link to a video interview with Pred. I shot in his bedroom at Broadway in 2001.

There is also a clip of Pred bolting a poem that he wrote on a car hood onto a parking sign.

From Sydney Indymedia-


Rote Flora: Access all areas

Cities are the location of economical constraints and repressive policies all over the world. But at the same time they are contested areas characterised by the fight for self-determination and participation. Presently, we are experiencing crises, social protests and new movements. In order to multiply these conflict lines on the city’s terrain, a day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification is going to take place.

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY with the 14 anarchists kidnapped by the Chilean 'democracy'.

Last August, 14 anarchists were arrested accused of "terrorism" by the Chilean state, around the mediatic "Bombs case", 10 are still in the Maximun Security Prisons, under Pinochet's anti-terrorist law.

"The Age" Newspaper publishes squatting guide

Well, maybe thats a slight exaggeration but their front page on the 14th July did list a number of empty Toorak mansions with photos, addresses and how long they have been unoccupied, under the headline "Palatial spreads kept empty?That's rich"