video.squat.net back online

Hey squatters and friends,

Good news! The video archive at squat.net is back online. This means that a huge archive of squatting reports and movies is again available to download for free. We are also adding new films, both shorts and full-length items.

Check it at http://video.squat.net/

Some tips:

‘Tuin en huisbezet’ [NL]
Two houses squatted in Amsterdam Oost just one week ago (short)


‘Squat Wars’
An interesting half-hour long documentary on squatting in the Czech Republic (CZ with ENG and RU subtitles)

My hat goes off to those organising DIY events around Melbourne

Recently I read an article on Indymedia that was a review on a DIY bridge gig held in North Melbourne. I have decided to write this follow-up article looking at a few of the DIY gigs that have been happening around Melbourne at the moment. Especially in the punk scene lot of the DIY of movement has been growing somewhat stale compared to what it has been in previous days.