I've been filming at protests for the last 5 years in Australia as an independent film-maker using the footage I capture in documentaries. I've always wanted to make a video using all the protests I have filmed at and this is it, well, almost all the protests I've filmed at. This video is rather special to me and I composed this tune myself for my latest documentary, Surviving Earth. http://youtu.be/Grvf9TNCmwY



WGAR News: Man allegedly bashed by NSW police testifies: NITV News

Newsletter date: 21 February 2013


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Beto's Blood

The NSW Police Force have as their motto 'Culpam Poena Premit Comes', which means that punishment closely follows guilt, but somehow in the case of the death of Roberto Laudisio Curti, we are unlikely to see that motto put to practice. The family of Roberto Laudisio Curti will be fighting an uphill battle to see that punishment follows guilt, with the NSW Police Force in this case being the guilty perpetrators.


Occupy Policing: A Report into the Effects and Legality of the Eviction of Occupy Melbourne from City Square on 21 October 2011

One year on from the controversial eviction of Occupy Melbourne from the City Square, the Occupy Melbourne Legal Support Team has authored and released a qualitative report, entitled Occupy Policing: A Report into the Effects and Legality of the Eviction of Occupy Melbourne from City Square on 21 October 2011.

The Report documents protesters’ experiences of policing. The Report complements these eye-witness accounts with an account of the relevant laws.

The Report makes several key findings including:


An anarchist response to the police murder at a Rainbow gathering near Tenterfield NSW

On April 16 Ryan Pringle, the 33 year old son of a former Balmain rugby league star was shot to death by police at a rural commune called the “School of Happiness” in Northern NSW. The details of this sad day are not completely clear, but it seems that Ryan had arrived at the camp earlier that day, as a group called the Rainbow Family Australia was preparing for a 6 week gathering.

Nyoongar Tent Embassy - 1 Nyoongar Way, Mattagarup - the story to date

Police move in to smash the spirit of Nyoongar Tent Embassy

Gerry Georgatos

Following Thursday evening when 60 police officers marched into Nyoongar Tent Embassy to pull down and confiscate tents, and which included an arrest, the Western Australian police force flexed its muscle once again on the Friday afternoon on behalf of the Perth City Council and the Barnett state government.


Climate activists protest spying and surveillance authorised by energy minister Martin Ferguson

Martin Ferguson, Minister for Resources and Energy has pushed for increased surveillance of environmental and climate activists protesting coal-fired power stations and coal export facilities, after he was directly lobbied by coal and energy infrastructure companies.

Climate and Environment activists along with Occupy Melbourne paid a call on thursday afternoon to Martin Ferguson's electoral office at 159 High Street, Preston. The office, of course, was closed early supposedly on occupational health and safety grounds, and had a Federal and Victorian police presence.

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Eureka protests in Ballarat: from dawn vigil to pool protest

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, December 3rd, some 40 people gathered in the dark at the monument in Eureka park in Ballarat. For the last 10 years people have gathered at the monument for a dawn vigil to remember those who died one morning 157 years ago fighting to defend basic rights and liberties.


Cop It Sweet - Occupy Melbourne

Over 1000 people marched from the State Library of Victoria to Treasury Gardens on 29th October 2011 as part of the ongoing Occupy Melbourne protests.

Our boys and girls in blue were on the streets again today, dodging criticism for the use of brutal strong arm tactics against the public when evicting the Occupy Melbourne protest from City Square on the 21st of October.