Putin takes shirtfronting up a notch

This is not satire. The stakes have been raised in macho posturing between PM Tony Abbott and Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the news that russian warships have been seen heading towards Australian waters after Abbott asked Putin to apologise and compensate the victims of the MH17 tragedy. 

According to The Australian, "Australian P3 Orion surveillance aircraft have been deployed to monitor the ships, along with Anzac class frigate, HMAS Stuart.The ships are in the Coral Sea, south of Bougainville off Australia’s east coast."

By Jingo! WW1 Centenary 1914-2014

And the Band Played I Should Be So Lucky!
By Max Gross

While the Abbevillian Abbott government continues its "emergency Budget" onslaught upon the powerless, the disenfranchised and the unemployed, the flags are out, brass buffed and sphincters braced to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

In his speech on Monday (4 August) our pretentious, asinine prime minister declared the "sacrifice" of millions was "in a good cause".


I've been filming at protests for the last 5 years in Australia as an independent film-maker using the footage I capture in documentaries. I've always wanted to make a video using all the protests I have filmed at and this is it, well, almost all the protests I've filmed at. This video is rather special to me and I composed this tune myself for my latest documentary, Surviving Earth.


WGAR News: Pleas for strong and effective racial vilification laws: Santilla Chingaipe, SBS Radionews

Newsletter date: 16 December 2013


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