Michael Coggan

WGAR News: French Government presents human rights award to Indigenous Social Justice Association

Newsletter date: 17 December 2013


* Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) open letter: Tenth anniversary of TJ Hickey death
* Gerry Georgatos, The Stringer: French Government presents human rights laureate to the Indigenous Social Justice Association
* YouTube: French government recognises Indigenous human rights - NITV SBS

* Deaths In Custody Watch Commitee WA: Build Communities Not Prisons Campaign

* Aboriginal Legal Service of WA: ALSWA hopes report will lead to Aboriginal people being In Safe Custody

WGAR News: Pleas for strong and effective racial vilification laws: Santilla Chingaipe, SBS Radionews

Newsletter date: 16 December 2013


* Santilla Chingaipe, SBS Radionews: Pleas for strong and effective racial vilification laws [Featuring The Law Centre's Hugh de Kreteser]
* Malarndirri McCarthy, NITV News: Over 150 groups rally against changes to racial discrimination laws

* Michael Coggan, ABC News: Indigenous Affairs Minister reviewing future of National Congress of Australia's First Peoples
* Brooke Boney, NITV News: Nova Peris questions Abbott's dedication to Indigenous affairs

* Karen Ashford, SBS Radionews: Commission reveals spike in racism reports