Beto's Blood

The NSW Police Force have as their motto 'Culpam Poena Premit Comes', which means that punishment closely follows guilt, but somehow in the case of the death of Roberto Laudisio Curti, we are unlikely to see that motto put to practice. The family of Roberto Laudisio Curti will be fighting an uphill battle to see that punishment follows guilt, with the NSW Police Force in this case being the guilty perpetrators.


Justice for Roberto Laudisio Curti

The death in custody of Roberto Curti at the hands of 6 NSW police officers early on Sunday 18 March 2012 is one that cannot be allowed to pass without a strong response.

Having watched the video of a part of the chase it is quite clear that the alleged “biscuits thief”, as he was described at the time of the chase, was running away from the 6 police officers and thus is proven to have not caused any danger to those officers. One officer is seen to be smashing his head against the frame of the shop window. There is no logical conclusion why he was then tasered in his back, THREE TIMES, as he staggered away. Also, it has been said that the victim had already been sprayed with capsicum spray and probably his eyes were burning, so he was running to get away from being sprayed again.
Sign the online petition calling for Justice for Roberto -- Solidarity Rally at the Brazilian Consulate Sydney April 2nd
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