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Victorian police pay out secretly on dozens of misconduct claims

VICTORIA Police has made dozens of secret financial settlements to halt civil lawsuits in the past five years, ensuring allegations of police brutality and other wrongdoing are not heard in an open court.

Documents obtained by The Age under freedom of information laws show the government solicitor settled 39 lawsuits before trial on behalf of Victoria Police between March 2007 and March this year. Allegations against police included false imprisonment, negligence, assault, trespass, malicious prosecution and defamation.

The allegations were against police stationed across Victoria.


Justice for Roberto Laudisio Curti

The death in custody of Roberto Curti at the hands of 6 NSW police officers early on Sunday 18 March 2012 is one that cannot be allowed to pass without a strong response.

Having watched the video of a part of the chase it is quite clear that the alleged “biscuits thief”, as he was described at the time of the chase, was running away from the 6 police officers and thus is proven to have not caused any danger to those officers. One officer is seen to be smashing his head against the frame of the shop window. There is no logical conclusion why he was then tasered in his back, THREE TIMES, as he staggered away. Also, it has been said that the victim had already been sprayed with capsicum spray and probably his eyes were burning, so he was running to get away from being sprayed again.
Sign the online petition calling for Justice for Roberto -- Solidarity Rally at the Brazilian Consulate Sydney April 2nd
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Another absurd and disturbing "tent arrest" but you can join the "tent fightback" on the 10th of December

Occupy Melbourne Tent Monster "The Baron" was arrested after midnight on Wednesday night. Once again the absurd yet disturbing nature of State harrassment of this movement was highlighted. Many police clinically and very forcefully tried to remove the tent costume from "The Baron" as he stood his ground in a dignified and non-violent way. He insisted the tent costume was a form of political expression and was in fact a "protest sign". He refused to let it go despite painful force being used against hi. When they were unable to remove it from him they put in the divvy van under arrest whilst the frame was still around him.
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Justice for Rex Bellotti Jnr

by Gerry Georgatos An Aboriginal youth, Rex Bellotti Jnr, aged 15 was run over by a police four-wheel-drive Holden Rodeo and more than two years have passed without any compensation, without any closure. When it comes to Aboriginal victims this is nothing new.


Refugee campaigners condemn police violence at Melbourne protest

RAC Press Release 30th May 2011The Refugee Action Collective has condemned violent and over-the-top tactics by police at a protest at Maribyrnong Detention Centre, which left several protesters in hospital. Around 300 people attended the protest, calling for an end to Mandatory Detention.


Blood on the hands of all Australian Senators. We will continue the call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry.

The Human Rights Alliance

The Human Rights Alliance, on this occasion led by its PhD Law researcher into Australian Deaths in Custody, will continue to urge Australian Senators for the need to call for a Joint Committee Senate Inquiry into Australian Deaths in Custody.

Peaceful civil resistance in Stuttgart, violent police action...

Andreas Weiland


The Merkel administration has reached agreement among cabinet members that a new act will be submitted to parliament. It increases penalities for passive resistance to up to three years in prison while threatening throwers of bottles and stones with up to five years in jail.

Police use capsicum at Palestinian solidarity rally

Police used capsicum spray and horses to stop a group of protestors forcing their way into a hotel in Melbourne where Julia Guillard was greeting Israel's current deputy PM and ex-PM Ehud Olmert. Three protestors were also arrested. The protest was organised by Australians For Palestine

In a possible first for Melbourne on Sunday 6th December, Melbourne Police used capsicum as a form of crowd control at a demonstration. Capsicum spray was given to Victorian police under the guise of preventing police shootings but not surprisingly is now being used as a way of controlling dissent.


G20 policing caused man's death: police coverup and media lies

See London Indymedia for G20 reports, timelines and features.

On Wednesday 1st April during a demonstration against the G20 in London, thousands of protestors were trapped inside a police cordon (kettled) where they were baton charged and crushed by the police. Ian Tomlinson, who appears to have been a passer-by, died during this demonstration outside the Bank of England. The police started a coverup immediately, claiming police and medics had been prevented from attending to him, although eyewitnesses reported seeing Ian Tomlinson being attacked by police shortly before his death. The corporate media parroted these police lies even though eyewitness accounts contradicted this video has surfaced clearly showing Ian was viciously assaulted by riot police from behind and violently pushed to the ground. Riot police and members of the Forward Intelligence Team looked on as a protestor attended to him. Minutes after moving away, Mr. Tomlinson collapsed in a nearby alley and died shortly afterwards.