Pro-Palestinian activists shut down Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems, on anniversary of Israel’s ‘Protective Edge’ assault on GAZA

At 8am members of the Melbourne Palestine Action Coalition (MPAC) shut down the headquarters of Israeli arms manufacturer, ELBIT SYSTEMS, at 235 Ingles St Port Melbourne to mark the first anniversary of the 2014 Israeli ‘Protective Edge’ assault on Gaza. The group have blockaded access to the building and currently have two people locked on to the entrance gate, who state that they are prepared to remain there as long as possible.


Why is Bipartisan Unity Such a Threat to Israel?

As the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks begin to reach their ill-fated end, two of the largest and heavily criticised parties in the Palestinian liberation movement have reunited. A new alliance has been forged between old friends, Hamas and Fatah, after seven years of division. The new unity is causing problems for Israel and American Secretary of State John Kerry.

Ausfailia: Aus-fail-ia ...abstained on UN vote for Palestine

By Douglas Chalmers...

Nothing can excuse Australia, a white supremacist settler society fantasy-land just like the fake state of Israel, which did NOT have the decency to vote FOR the rights of PALESTINIANS, uhh... that is the way of a fading Anglo colony living in the past and hanging onto the USA's coat-tails....

Police threaten to seek ban on pro-Palestine march

Press release – for immediate release The NSW Police have contacted the organisers of the Al-Nakba commemoration march in Sydney threatening to seek a Supreme Court injunction unless the march is cancelled. The protesters have decided to assert their right to public protest, saying that they will contest any attempt to prohibit the march.


Zionist and fascists mobilise to support Max Brenner and Israel

See email below from Melbourne. Please spread the word about the next Boycott Max Brenner rally. It appears the fascists will be joining the Zionists to support Israel in opposition to the next Boycott Max Brenner protest. And they try to smear supporters of Palestine as "anti-Semites" while linking arms with the genuine article!!!

Free Palestine! Boycott Max Brenner

1pm Saturday 10 September

Rally outside Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (opposite station), march up to Max Brenner, King St Newtown.

More details from Patrick 0422 028 113 or Raul 0403 037 376


Hiroshima Day vigil at GPO - Melbourne, 6 August 2011

Representatives of Japanese for Peace and ICAN held a low-key vigil on the steps of the old GPO in Bourke Street, displaying banners and handing out flyers for the afternoon’s Peace Concert at the State Library and postcards relating to the Future Fund’s investments in the nuclear weapons industry. They shared the venue with members of Women in Black also holding a vigil calling for peace in Palestine.


Video: Police attack Palestinian solidarity protest in Melbourne

The Victoria police have viciously attacked a peaceful pro-Palestine demonstration in Melbourne's CBD on Friday July 1st. In the largest political arrest in a decade, nineteen protesters were arrested during the action against Israeli-owned Max Brenner store.

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Israel kills protesters on Nakba Day/Israeli murder machine goes on and on


''How many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?
How many deaths will it take till one knows
That too many people have died
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind''

Free after Bob Dylan's, Blowin in the wind

Dear Editor and Readers,

Sydney remembers Al Nakba

The 63rd year of the Palestinian Nakba, which saw two-thirds of the Palestinian population become refugees following the 1948 War and the establishment of the State of Israel, will take place on 15th May, 2011. Many in the Australian community now recognise the enormous significance of the Nakba for the Palestinian people, millions of whom remain refugees unable to return to their homes, while others live under Israel’s harsh military occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.


Do we need a Middle Eastern study and support group?

With many Middle Eastern countries escalating into social crises, the recent uprisings and the continued conflict spanning throughout the post-World War 2 era; there is much speculation and concern from humanity, regarding the on-going's and history of this region. It may also be the case that the world is approaching a dramatic transition of the international order unprecedented in industrial times.