Zionist and fascists mobilise to support Max Brenner and Israel

See email below from Melbourne. Please spread the word about the next Boycott Max Brenner rally. It appears the fascists will be joining the Zionists to support Israel in opposition to the next Boycott Max Brenner protest. And they try to smear supporters of Palestine as "anti-Semites" while linking arms with the genuine article!!!

Free Palestine! Boycott Max Brenner

1pm Saturday 10 September

Rally outside Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (opposite station), march up to Max Brenner, King St Newtown.

More details from Patrick 0422 028 113 or Raul 0403 037 376

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Damian Ridgwell Date: Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 4:45 PM Subject: [NUS_Education] *Action Alert* Fascist & Zionists mobilise to support Max Brenner and IsraelĀ 

It has been discovered that fascist organisations will be mobilising a counter-protest at Max Brenner in opposition to the planned BDS action in Sydney on the 10th of September. The Australian Protection Party, (a neo-nazi, islamophobic, group) as well as the Australian Defence League (a spin-off of the fascist English Defence League) will be lining up with Zionists in support of Israeli Apartheid. This is becoming a clear pattern across the country, in Brisbane at the last BDS action against Max Brenner there was a heavy fascist presence at the right-wing counter-rallly. The organisers even got some of the fascists to speak at their rally. Now that these fascists are mobilising in Sydney as well we can expect a similar mobilisation by fascists at the protest against Max Brenner in Melbourne on the 9th of September. The fact that neo-nazis and Zionists are working together speaks volumes about how they have no leg to stand on in opposing our campaign against Max Brenner's support for Apartheid! This development puts paid to the lie being spread by the Murdoch media that it is anti-Semitic to protest against Max Brenner when organisations sympathetic to Hitler are openly working with the Zionists. The collaboration of Zionists and Fascists is not surprising. The increasingly brutal actions of Israel against the Palestinians fits neatly with the hysterical anti-Muslim campaigns by the APP/ADL. It adds an added urgency as to why everyone has to go all out to get the biggest demonstration possible in Melbourne on the 9th of September. To take a stand against the fascists who want to promote vile anti-muslim racism. Please inform as many people as possible!

You can't sweeten Israeli Apartheid! Protest against Max Brenner! 5:30pm Friday September 9, State Library of Victoria



Not the first tine Nazis and Zionists have teamed up check this out amazing stuff http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres6/BAZO.pdf

I observed the demo today and wrote a blog post about it here: http://thema-agnosco.blogspot.com/2011/09/where-is-hot-chocolate-and-lov...

Hopefully these racist nazi fascists will be smashed by the united communities of Melbourne fighting with righteous fists for justice in Palestine!

Lets show these racist fascists that they have no place in our communities!

Smash the tiny fascist groups like these before they can grow and fester.

Such a shame that the zionists cannot see past their own hate to the hate of the racist nazi scum standing beside them.

We will not let fascists grow here as they have overseas. The racist politics of division must be put to an end. This is the 21st century, we are past all those old differences now. We CAN unite as a society to achieve justice for ALL not just white pasty easily burnt overweight aussie bogans.

Their time is past, that is why you only ever see old people come out to support them, and they know it.

The new generation will wipe away the stains of racism and step hand in hand into a united diverse and vibrant future.

And there is nothing these fascists can do about it. They show how desperate they are by allying themselves with the group they consider their greatest enemy.

Which makes them confused desperate old redneck fascist bogan nazi scum.

And they know it.

christians and jews were inhabitants of ancient Israel long before islam even emerged!
why don't you leave Australia and give it back to the aboriginal people. This you won't do but you do demand of Israel to give up its existence or at the least give away parts of it ancestral land that it has liberated! How hypocritical can one be? Palestine was a name imposed by the Romans upon Judea. You really do need to study ancient history and texts. Pre 1948 maps of the Middle East list current day Jordan as Palestine along with Israel. Over 70% of pre-1948 land was designated for Muslims by the British was in fact Jordan.