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Another absurd and disturbing "tent arrest" but you can join the "tent fightback" on the 10th of December

Occupy Melbourne Tent Monster "The Baron" was arrested after midnight on Wednesday night. Once again the absurd yet disturbing nature of State harrassment of this movement was highlighted. Many police clinically and very forcefully tried to remove the tent costume from "The Baron" as he stood his ground in a dignified and non-violent way. He insisted the tent costume was a form of political expression and was in fact a "protest sign". He refused to let it go despite painful force being used against hi. When they were unable to remove it from him they put in the divvy van under arrest whilst the frame was still around him.
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OM Press Release: “Occupy Melbourne woman stripped in public by Police ”

TUESDAY, 6th DECEMBER, 2011 This morning at 8:45am a peaceful Occupy Melbourne Protester was forcibly stripped of her protest costume and discarded on the ground in her underwear in public.

The individual in question was part of the Occupy Melbourne protest and was dressed in a protest costume made from a converted tent. The significance of the costume was to highlight restrictions placed on protesters staging a 24/7 protest in Flagstaff Gardens.