Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein on Copenhagen

This is a very interesting 15 minute interview with Bill McKibben - creator of the movement and well known Canadian activist and author Naomi Klein shortly after Obama's press conference at Copenhagen where he announced the "accord" between the U.S., China, Brazil and India.

A number of interesting points are made:

Two climate prisoners released but still facing charges

Climate activists Australian Natasha Verco and American citizen Noah Daniel Weiss were released from a Copenhagen prison but are still facing charges of attempted assault of a police officer and planning to disturb public order. Their case has been adjourned until March 16.

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We already gave the Danes a princess - give us back our protestor!

Update Jan5,2009: Two climate prisoners released but still facing charges

Danish authorities are continuing to detain an Australian, Friends of the Earth activist Natasha Verco, for a third week since the Copenhagen climate conference. She will appear in court in Copenhagen on Monday January 4th 2010.


Queensland climate change minister spins climate destruction of Great Barrier Reef

In December Kate Jones, the Queensland Climate Change Minister, stated "Queenslanders are by per capita the highest emitters of carbon in the world." and said the Queensland Government was "committed to world action on climate change." Spoken at the Copenhagen climate talks on December 15, they illuminate the greenwashing, spin and hypocrisy that our politicians are engaging in.


Climate shame: Copenhagen agreement fails UN processes and the planet

Climate negotiations in Copenhagen ended with a whimper and some chaos in the final plenary. 119 national leaders attended the Copenhagen climate talks but the final 'agreement' (PDF) announced by the US, India, China and South Africa, was drafted far outside the consensus process of the United Nations and amounted to only aspirational targets and promises, falling far short of an ambitous, fair and binding treaty demanded by civil society.

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Australia coming home strongly as one of the worst climate Fossils

On Thursday Dec 17 Australia picked up a 1st place fossil award for Bullying Tuvalu and Other Small Island States. In addition it shared 2nd and 3rd place with Canada, and Japan because of our inability to even keep up with the US on long-term climate finance.

UN leaked document verifies world heading for 3 degree plus temperatures

A leaked draft UNFCC document dated 15th December shows that current committments of emissions reductions "remain on an unsustainable pathway that could lead to concentrations equal or above 550ppm with the related temperature raise around 3 degrees C.".

Australia collects second Fossil award over climate financing

The 9th Fossil of the day award was announced with Australia as part of the Umbrella group winning 2nd place. The satirical awards are a popular event presented by Climate Action Network activists.'Fossil of The Day' awards are given to the countries who perform the worst during the past day's negotiations at UN climate change conferences. (Youtube Video)

Australia is trying to buy off small Islands at Copenhagen climate talks

Pressure is clearly building on poor countries to back down from strong climate targets here in Copenhagen. At a powerful press conference this morning, the Prime Minister of Tuvalu accused Australia of setting up a private meeting with a number of small island states and trying to bribe them into accepting the 2 degrees C target that would mean extinction for their islands.

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