Australia collects second Fossil award over climate financing

The 9th Fossil of the day award was announced with Australia as part of the Umbrella group winning 2nd place. The satirical awards are a popular event presented by Climate Action Network activists.'Fossil of The Day' awards are given to the countries who perform the worst during the past day's negotiations at UN climate change conferences. (Youtube Video)

The umbella group received the 2nd place fossil for blocking progress towards a Fair, Ambitious and Binding Agreement by refusing to commit to the critical long term finance required for developing country climate adaption.

The citation:

    To the Umbrella Group, for coming up empty on long-term financing just when these talks need it most. It doesn't get much more anemic than today's umbrella group statement on long-term finance, which contained not a single number -- but did prominently feature the role of carbon markets. The Umbrella Group represents all of the industrialized Annex 1 countries other than the European Union and refused to provide developing countries with the support they need through long term finance agreements. Umbrellas: Copenhagen needs you to step up and recognize a scale of public financing in line with what's really needed, and to tell us how you plan to provide that support. It's way too late for vague platitudes.

On day two of the Copenhagen Climate talks Australia shared in a Second Place Award as part of the Umbrella Group for proposing at a Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) plenary that carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects should qualify as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.