Bindi Irwin stars in controversial indy activist film!

Some in the mainstream media have begun sharpening their knives ahead of the release of, Surviving Earth featuring Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late Steve Irwin - crocodile hunter) as the voice of youth among a scholarly cast including, Prof. Tim Flannery, Ian Dunlop, Prof. Ian Lowe and Uncle Bob Randall. Directed by Peter Charles Downey and made in Melbourne, Australia by United Natures Media and Peter Erb Media the independent movie style documentary brings environmental and humanitarian activism to mainstream.

ANZAC Day Sydney: Militarism & Repression

In the early hours of April 15 a group of anti-militarist activists gathered in Martin Place. They carried a number of banners and placards which bore slogans such as “NO WAR BETWEEN NATIONS, NO PEACE BETWEEN CLASSES” “FIGHT THE RICH NOT THEIR WARS” and “SUPPORT THE DIGGERS WHO SHOOT THEIR OFFICERS”.

Concerned about WW3? The time is NOW!

Australia couldn't have chosen a worse time to be president of the UN Security Council in its temporary role there. Its main ally, the USA, is avidly seeking another war, this time with SYRIA. Australia's prime minister until the September election, Kevin Rudd, is brazenly advocating an attack on Syria and last year, the foreign minister, Bob Carr, exhorted the assassination of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad ( http://www.indymedia.org.au/2012/10/13/bob-carr-the-intended-assassinati... ).

Bombs dropped on Reef raise alarm bells

Friends of the Earth Brisbane is alarmed at the disclosure that two US Harriet jets have dumped 500 pound bombs on the Great Barrier Reef earlier this week. (article below and at:
http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/07/19/.UeoUfym4zA0.twitter )

The US Marine jets are in Australia participating in US-Australia joint military exercise Talisman Saber, which sees 18,000 US and 9,000 Australian troops engaging in combined land, sea and air training, primarily at Shoalwater Bay, just north of Rockhampton in central Queensland.

Peace protest commemorates the late Bryan Law at US-Aust war games

Media Release 13 July 2013

Inaugural Bryan Law Memorial Peace Trike Ride

The inaugural Bryan Law Memorial Peace Trike Ride will take place at the gates of the Rockhampton Showground while the Talisman Saber Military Open Day takes place with its 35 million a piece Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters closely guarded within

from 11 am - 4 pm Sunday 14 July

Rockhampton Showground, Exhibition Road, Rockhampton


Iraq war general Peter Cosgrove confronted by Catholic worker activists at Brisbane event

Tuesday April 30 7pm at Jindalee Catholic Church, Brisbane.

Catholic anti-war and social justice activists and members of the Catholic Worker from Brisbane and New Zealand gathered to show opposition to the elevation of unapologetic Iraq war General, Peter Cosgrove at a function in Brisbane on Tuesday night. Cosgrove was elevated to the position of Chancellor of Australian Catholic University in 2010 and was awarded a papal knighthood by Cardinal George Pell earlier this year.


Mostly Retrospective [ audio ]


Crazy Ozzi politics, 10 years Iraq etc...Cyprus screwed

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Perpetual war mp3


George Orwell was right - media collage

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PHILIPPINES: The Emotional Calculus of Armed Conflict

HOW DO I TREAT THEE? Let me count the ways. Statistics from the AFP-PNP over a 33-year period (1978-2010) report an aggregate of 29,553 fatalities in the ongoing conflict between GPH and the CPP-NPA categorized thus: 13,412 Communists (45%), 8,264 military and police (28%) and 7,877 civilians (21%). This further translates into 80 deaths daily for the period: 36 Communists, 23 soldiers and police, and 21 civilians.