Cost Benefit Analysis [ audio ]

More paradoxes of debt finance governing our culture

Talk by performance poet Len Martin - script by Graham Ferguson from his series on debt finance.

Credits: Copenhagen Consensus Center, Bjorn Lomborg, The Australian

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'Give Peace A Chance' [ audio ]

Why our debt finance system needs war profits for the economy to survive - perpetual war caused by the financial debt system

Script from personal researched material by Graham Ferguson, presented by performance poet Len Martin, samples from Give Peace A Chance - Jon Lennon and Yoko Ono Band, Imagine this by Waxaudio, samples from Gil Scott Heron's poem The Military and the Monetary

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Global Banking Since 1694 [ audio ]

When we look around the present conditions of war against each other and the environment, one could not imagine that an act conceived in 1694 in London would be central to these present day issues.

Turn About

Almost 320 years ago to the day, the twin global economic problems of poverty and eco-devastation, were legitimised by an act of the English Parliament.

Could it be time for a new Act to reverse this situation?

So Bentley protester; as a concerned citizen you legitimately object to what you say is, and hopefully now was, an unnecessarily destructive, irrational attempt by the gas and oil miner Metgasco, to exploit our local Northern Rivers environment. However, assuming the yoke of our financial-system it may well be exploitation but irrational it is not.


Nasty Side Effects of Money [ audio ]

"Profitism" has replaced "Capitalism" since only debt remains as capital, requiring profit as the scarcest of all commodities. Over 300 years of conditioning societies has produced confusion of effects and their real cause.

A non-linear story of global money and nasty side effects told by:


Would you believe everything from food to power to gasoline could disappear in just a matter of weeks? From Ireland, David Korowicz explains how. Everybody could be hit, including dear old Australia.

There is a small industry of pundits warning something is about to collapse. A large and growing public suspects they are right.

Climate Dark Age

The bad news is planet Earth is already committed to very dangerous climate change. Dr. Michael Jennings published a paper in 2012 showing we are already in the worst case scenario. We'll talk with Dr. Jennings, from the University of Idaho.

We may be saved from utter disaster if an economic collapse comes sooner rather than later. Dr. Sing C. Chew will give us the good news about Dark Ages, and the signs we are entering one now.