Nasty Side Effects of Money [ audio ]

"Profitism" has replaced "Capitalism" since only debt remains as capital, requiring profit as the scarcest of all commodities. Over 300 years of conditioning societies has produced confusion of effects and their real cause.

A non-linear story of global money and nasty side effects told by:

Martin, Graham [ from Nimbin, Australia ], Michael Hudson, Bernard Lietear, Milton Friedman, Rusell Brand, Tony Benn, Switch and Bait TV, Rothchild Family Fortune, Banking with Hitler, Capitol Steps [ If I tax a rich man ], The Bankers
Song [ Rob Smallwood ], The Banker [ Sonia and Conoscenti ], Damn it feels good to be a Banker Wall St Musical, Banker Song We didn't see it comin'

56:13 min 128 kbps stereo 51.5 MB