Argentine Objection to Predatory Hedge Funds

The Supreme Court will review a lower court's order for banks to give information on Argentine assets, including those assets held outside of US jurisdiction, to a group of hedge funds seeking to collect from Argentina's 2001 default. Additionally, the High Court will review if it is legal for these predatory hedge funds to target assets for collection outside of a US jurisdiction.

Extreme Rain & Climate Collapse

After a quick update on Fukushima reactor site hit by typhoon, we open with one of the big stories of 2013, the unbelievable tropical-style rains that flooded Boulder Colorado and points north. More than a foot of rain in 24 hours in some places, in an area that doesn't get that much in the average year.

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Medicare-Style Disability Levy Will Contribute to Growth

NDIS Levy Will Generate Growth : comment


If, heaven forfend, a certain Opposition Leader was ever to fall over his handlebars onto his noggin, who or what is going to look after his showering needs, treat his bedsores, mush his tucker, stop him absconding, restrain any violence, take him to the day care centre, putin ramps, sort out the mortgage and keep food on the family table? Disability Care will.



The Flaw Of The Global Money Method mp3

Essay written by Graham and adapted for radio.

Analysis, and discussion of the method used to create global money.

The impasse of the economy versus the environment makes this discussion, relevant and urgent.

14:11 min 128 kbps stereo 13 MB


The Wrong Method mp3

Collage about the environmental predicament limited by the flawed method to create money

excerpts of "Age of Stupid", "97% Owned Monetary Reform", "BP Oilspill" Clarke Dawe, Onion News, Yes Men "Post Consumer Waste Recycling Program WTO"

music: Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Marcus Miller, P.V. Ellis

Rio+20: Asian movements’ statement on the green economy

We are movements and organizations from Asia, waging struggles on various fronts and arenas to defend our rights, resist policies and projects that cause harm and destruction, and to fight for immediate priorities and demands, as well as profound transformation of our societies. Fight for Our Future! No Price on Nature!

We envision a social and economic system:

Where to now Occupy Brisbane?

With about as many attendees as there were ideas, the Occupy Brisbane (OB) protest started on Saturday morning without much of an agenda. This is the challenge that the “occupy” movement is facing everywhere: we are against a multitude of things, but what do we stand for?