Your Brain Will Fall Out part 2 mp3

potentially offensive

more satirical collage

Betty Bowers marriage advice, The Real Housewifes of the L.D.S, The Secret World Of Mormonism, 'WeHaveToLive' Norel Pref, Onion Radio News, Frank Zappa, Ricky Gervais, Bill Burr, Bill Bailey

29:20 min 128 kbps stereo 28 MB

Your Brain Will Fall Out part 1 mp3

explicit language !

Politics and Religion collage

And I'm a Mormon Ad , Comedy central cartoon slams MORmONS CAPT GIRL, Can we talk about politics and religion now, Mormon LDS Comedy If you wanna be an Elder, Cult collage,Hi my name is Elizabeth and I am a Mormon, Hello can I come in, Mormons are crazy, I'm a Mormon and I know it, Mormons Missionary Rap, Andy Kline, Tim Minchin, Nib Oswald, Jim Jeffries, Frank Zappa

Smile thru hard times mp3

Science Docu - Soaps, Superstition and a Deranged Opposition Leader

media samples, youtube samples keyword: "Tony Abbott Comedy", John Clarke and Brian Dawe , Mitch Benn, Tule and Chai with their take on coal seam gas mining and fracking, Paul Mc Dermot

29:30 min 128 kbps stereo 27 MB

Tule and Chai can be heard on live-stream Wednesdays around 10-30 am [ Sydney time ]

Budget cuts and paste mp3

media collage, 57 billion repair by Clarke and Dawe, credit to the family excerpt, local voxpops about the budgie, cash money money by Robyn, American dream is dead by Onion News Network, Sub Primal Scream Therapy from youtube, Woolworth manager song by Michael Brown, an in depth budgie report with Graham, Swimming in denial by Dana Lyons

28:25 min 128 kbps stereo 26 MB