The fine art of anonymous media

The following was written by the now deceased <predator> back in 2001. Most of the URLs are now broken and the technology referred to may seem old and out of date but the issues he describes and solutions proposed are still worth considering today, now more than ever.



Murdoch's Daily Telegraph Coverage Ruled Inaccurate

Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph has been condemned by the Press Council over an article depicting people with disabilities as slackers and rorters.

The bizarre article compared the number of Australia’s war wounded with the number of people receiving a disability pension.

Under the headline “Slackers & Slouch Hats” the tabloid argued over three pages that the rise in disability pensioners was a disturbing trend and implied that the pensioners who had psychiatric disorders were faking illness.


Journalists Union trying to get rid of elected positions?

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) is considering rule changes that would see the abolition of all elected fulltime union officials. This is a radical idea and one that has hardly received any media coverage.


Can appointed staffers and a CEO really do a better job than people elected by the unions’ membership?


Iceland's amazing and peaceful revolution - still not in the news

Iceland’s peaceful revolution is a stunning example of how little our media tells us about the rest of the world.
An article at WakeUpWorld says that “The Icelandic economy will outgrow the eurozone in 2012 and is set to outgrow the entire developed world on average, according to estimates.
Now Iceland is proceeding to actually prosecute some of their formerly most powerful bankers and the Icelandic special prosecutor has stated that it very well may indict some 90 people.

Murdoch scandal: hypocritical warmongers exposed

The scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch and his global media empire is giving the world a glimpse of what the face of power looks like today — and it’s ugly.

The revelations of networks of patronage and power, which link politicians and the police to corporate interests that believe themselves to be above laws, ethics or scrutiny, are frightening.

However, Murdoch’s reputation for deciding elections and dictating policies to governments, and the notorious right-wing bias (and looseness with inconvenient facts) of his media outlets, is not new.

Smile thru hard times mp3

Science Docu - Soaps, Superstition and a Deranged Opposition Leader

media samples, youtube samples keyword: "Tony Abbott Comedy", John Clarke and Brian Dawe , Mitch Benn, Tule and Chai with their take on coal seam gas mining and fracking, Paul Mc Dermot

29:30 min 128 kbps stereo 27 MB

Tule and Chai can be heard on live-stream Wednesdays around 10-30 am [ Sydney time ]

24 months on, International News Syndicate’s website still “undergoing redevelopment” – why?

This month marks the 2nd anniversary of the Australia News and Features Services (ANFS) website and International News Syndicate (INS) website putting up a statement:

“This site is currently undergoing redevelopment. We apologise for any inconvenience. It is, however, still business as usual for us here at International News Syndicate Limited. Please, simply contact us on

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