The fine art of anonymous media

The following was written by the now deceased <predator> back in 2001. Most of the URLs are now broken and the technology referred to may seem old and out of date but the issues he describes and solutions proposed are still worth considering today, now more than ever.



Indymedia Australia Relaunches

Welcome to the relaunched Indymedia Australia website.

Indymedia has been an important and prominent part of global justice struggles since its genesis in 1999 and serves to allow activists and others to break through the corporate stranglehold over media to publish truthful and accurate information.


Blocking the abusers: New comment moderation policy on Australian Indymedia

A steady and swelling inflow of racist and otherwise abusive comment to this site has prompted us to take protective action. We had to choose between keeping the site open and quickly responsive, at the risk of being overwhelmed by the abusers, or putting up some barriers that might slightly inconvenience the visitors who do the right thing.

We, the editorial collective, the small group of people who run this site, have opted to put in some restrictions.Just as we do with articles, we now look at comments before we allow them to appear or bin them.


Why Indymedia still matters: Facebook deletes political pages in the UK

In a lesson as to why non-corporate independant activist sites like Indymedia still matter in the Age of Facebook and Twitter, Facebook deleted 50 political pages in the UK on the day of the Royal Wedding. Facebooks lame cover for this blatant act of censorship on behalf of the UK state was that the pages had been set up as individual profiles not a group pages.

Is Indymedia still relevant in the age of Twitter, Facebook and blogs?

Evgeny Morozov argues that Indymedia is no longer relevant today and "what looked novel in 1999 looks unnecessarily centralized and hierarchical today". He argues bloggers and citizen journalists can now tell their stories directly to "the live news sections of premier American and Europe TV stations" and they don't need any special equipment but cellphones and laptops, and they certainly don't need yet another platform for documenting what they see or what they think - they all have their own blogs and Twitter accounts, to post to." Has Indymedia outlived its usefulness or is it still a crucial central node "Within this 'networked hyper-individualist media environment" allowing co-ordination amidst an "increasingly fragmented audience."


Perth Indymedia reporter arrested with other journalists in Copenhagen climate protests

Alex Whisson from Perth Indymedia, currently in Copenhagen making a documentary on the protests and COP15 summit was detained on Sunday as hundreds of people marched towards the harbor in Copenhagen, chanting and carrying banners reading "Our planet not your business". Several journalists and photographers were targeted by the police and detained.