Why Indymedia still matters: Facebook deletes political pages in the UK

In a lesson as to why non-corporate independant activist sites like Indymedia still matter in the Age of Facebook and Twitter, Facebook deleted 50 political pages in the UK on the day of the Royal Wedding. Facebooks lame cover for this blatant act of censorship on behalf of the UK state was that the pages had been set up as individual profiles not a group pages.

Facebook "friending" lands environmental activist in prison

In another cautionary tale for the Left which is increasingly becoming dependant on Facebook - remember that your "friends" are not the only ones watching this corporate site. A U.S. environmentalist activist has been jailed for four months for breaking his parole conditions after "friending" an Earth First activist on his Facebook page. The U.S. Government is moving to formalise its powers of surveillance over Facebook and other corporate social networking sites too.