More mental relief mp3

It was incredibly boring this week in Oz, so...

Polygamy Shots, People in Melbourne, Science behind Law and Order by College Humor, Jesus Medley with Will Anderson, Satire by Peter Schneider, Satire by John Lennon, Cia apologizes for accidental Overthrow of Costa Rica by Onion News Network, Andrew Lawrence Edinburgh 2010

29:40 min 128 kbps stereo 27.2 MB

Vote for Nuthin mp3

collage of events around a largely meaningless election in Australia

publicly funded media, youtube vintage excerpts

Vote shoe boat people by Chaser, Will Anderson, now show excerpt, Russel Brand, Tony Abbott Perfect by glenop, The Fundamentalist Adventures Of Tony Abbott - A Musical by Toby Thornett, Paul Keating, unknown poetry and jazz

length 28:26 min 128 kbps stereo 26.1 MB

2010 Boomerang Election Watch mp3

featuring: Julia and Tony on Masterchef

David, Heather and Graham - ABC and other mainstream media with inadvertent comedic input - youtube - The Abbott Family spoof ad, a spoof vintage UK Labor Party ad, Waleed Aly with political analysis, Moving Australia forward towards Antarctica by Gabby Millgate, Lying Liars by David Mitchell, music by Barry Jones, Frank Zappa


Slacktime Magazine mp3

various issues mixed and mashed

note: explicit language

mainstream media samples, "Boat People Quiz" by Clarke and Dawe, "Oz Politics the Musical" by news HD, "3 D Outside Every Cinema" by News Jack, Alex Jones Mashup from Distorted View Podcast

Length 21:40 min 128 kbps stereo 19.9 MB

A touch of news mp3

A satirical collage of some US - Aus - and World news

Mainstream-News-Popkitsch-Media, Satirists J.Clarke - B. Dawe, Andy Salzman on Soccer [excerpts of J. Stewart's daily show], "Julia Gillard PM from the Moon" by David Knight, Robyn Williams [Letterman show] on Ozz rednecks, "Wiya Angela Pamela" by little sisters collective vs super realene bros, Onion Radio News

Slack Radio mp3

When schizophrenia meets daily news, and common sense becomes assaulted with popkitch culture products - I know it's a busy week, but...there must be somewhere some slack...

collage show with news media-youtube-video and sound-samples

length: 29:55 min 128 kbps stereo 27.4 MB