Richie Benaud RIP 1930-2015

In a fit of distemper caused by no sleep in 36 hours, too much sobriety and too much black coffee - not to mention being bludgeoned into enfuriated misery by another example of the mainstream media reducing news reporting to either an inane soundbite or a uproar of idiocy - XN reporter Max Gross observes a shared condition between Richie Benaud and W.H. Auden (Yes, you read that right).


Honduras Coup update January 2015


Honduras Coup update January 2015


Starting yet another year with killing, shootings, a disappearance, threats and judicial processes against those who protest, with ever deepening militarisation using military police, and ever graver privatisation, using model cities amongst other laws.


Political Persecution in January 2015


Environmental, land, and community rights activist killed


November 2014 Honduras coup update

November 2014 Honduras coup update



A long-threatened organised farmer is now added to the list of over 130 organised farmers assassinated since the coup, as is the 14 year old daughter of Globo Radio/TV journalist in the context of having a long list of journalists assassinated since the coup, UNAH uni students are told that protesting on campus is now illegal, and 2000 electricity workers are fired by the Honduran state as they take the street.



News Articles regarding 'Stronger Futures' Human Rights compliance

Last updated: 19 December 2012

Background: Calls for 'Stronger Futures' laws to be subject to Human Rights scrutiny
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Human Rights Law Centre: UN Human Rights Committee asks Australia to explain human rights record


Updates - The use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools

Last updated: 9 April 2014

Background to the use of Aboriginal languages in NT schools (bilingual education)
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UPDATES (11 JULY 2012 - 9 APRIL 2014):

- Analysis / Opinion

Fully (sic) - Crikey's language blog:
Ngurrju! Manymak! Pupuni! NT drops First Four Hours in English policy
by Greg Dickson


Information overload, emotionally aroused brains and the practice of journalism.

Political scientist Markus Prior claims that “the share of politically uninformed people has risen since we entered the so-called information age”. Prior’s analysis is cited in What is Happening to News, a book authored by veteran newspaperman Jack Fuller, in which he tackles the current crisis in journalism. According to Fuller, journalism is important and is responsible for informing us about our world.

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When schizophrenia meets daily news, and common sense becomes assaulted with popkitch culture products - I know it's a busy week, but...there must be somewhere some slack...

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Internet censorship laws play right into the hands of Murdoch

Murdoch beleives people should be paying for news on the internet. For some time now the profit margins that he built his news empire upon, the newspapers, have been declining. With independant news sites freely available, where individuals can express there views or campaign for their own platform, it seems the only chance for murdoch would be if the government were to implement new media laws.

The truth (news) can no longer be spoon fed, force fed, or under fed.