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Richie Benaud RIP 1930-2015

In a fit of distemper caused by no sleep in 36 hours, too much sobriety and too much black coffee - not to mention being bludgeoned into enfuriated misery by another example of the mainstream media reducing news reporting to either an inane soundbite or a uproar of idiocy - XN reporter Max Gross observes a shared condition between Richie Benaud and W.H. Auden (Yes, you read that right).


Fighting for positive body image for young women

Equality Rights Alliance are running a campaign to fight negative body image for young women. We want positive body images in the media that show the diversity of natural, real beauty. So we’ve got postcards distributed through AvantCard, and online (


Request for full investigation into 'unseen' major New Zealand tragedy.

Request for full investigation into ‘unseen’ major NZ tragedy.

Anthony Ravlich
Human Rights Council Inc. (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.
Auckland City.
Ph: (0064) (09) 940 9658

(Our Council’s aim is to have the human rights excluded from domestic and international human rights law included because it is causing massive social class discrimination in many States).

Attention: New Zealand’s Chief Human Rights Commissioner
Dear Rosslyn Noonan,