Internet censorship laws play right into the hands of Murdoch

Murdoch beleives people should be paying for news on the internet. For some time now the profit margins that he built his news empire upon, the newspapers, have been declining. With independant news sites freely available, where individuals can express there views or campaign for their own platform, it seems the only chance for murdoch would be if the government were to implement new media laws.

The truth (news) can no longer be spoon fed, force fed, or under fed.
I beleive that what the internet did for music, take control away from the multinational companies and allow the little man to take the stage, worldwide, will be the same fete as will be encountered by the multinational newsgroups.
The difference is but...the music companies did not have the governments in their pocket.

I want people to know what happened to my son. I aspire to be not only a political activist ( ), but also a political musician ( ) and a political artist ( ). Whatever it takes to get the truth out about how we were treated by this Nazi Regime which deals with society's most vulnerable, our children.

The only way the government can continue its veil of secrecy covering all of the inadequacies and injustices is to censor the internet, and the big winner of that will be the people who are allowed to sell us their news.

Please join my fight for justice, and a fairer child safety system. My campaign has helped to unearth the mass scale at which these miscarriages of justice are occurring. Since I started Luke's Army, There is now also "Citizens Against DoCS", Action Against DoCS", "New Stolen Generation By DoCS", to name but a few. We are all relying on the internet and independant news sites.

Say no to internet censorship.



your people are watching.

This is confirming my assumption that we have fully entered doulble plus un-good times, and may have to endure more hate minutes, manufactured pixel truth, and also more shows from room 101 and the ever phonier wars.